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Consider Your Options in the Search for a New Heater

animated checklistIn our previous post, we talked about how the end of winter is no time to ignore heater repairs. Doing so can allow them to worsen to the point you may even be stuck with a broken down heater next fall. Of course, there’s also the chance that you’ll find your aging heater can’t take any more repairs, and that it’s actually time for Sterling, VA heating replacement, instead.

Choosing the Right Heating System

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right heater for your home. We’re happy to help you make an educated decision, as well as share any useful tidbits we have. Take heater size, for example. Many homeowners assume “the bigger a system is, the better it is.” But that is not necessarily the case.

In order to determine the right size heater for your home, our professionals will do what’s called a load calculation. This process takes into account the square footage of your living space, but also looks at the building’s construction, the orientation to the sun, its insulation materials, its thermal efficiency, and the placement of windows and doors.

If a heater is too large for your home, it will go through a process called short-cycling. This is when the system turns on and off in rapid succession, increasing the level of wear and tear on the heater and leading to a premature system breakdown. Once we’ve helped you determine what size heater you need, next comes the type of heater you need. Some of your options:

  • Furnace: Perhaps you’ve always had a central furnace, and you are replacing an aging furnace. This is a great choice, as today’s furnaces are highly efficient and versatile. They work with electricity or gasoline, so whatever your setup is, we have a system for you. However, just because you’ve always had a furnace doesn’t mean it is your only option!
  • Heat Pump: The heat pump is another choice. This system works similarly to a central air conditioner. In the summer, it uses refrigerant to pull heat out of your home and expel it outdoors. But what makes the heat pump different is that the process can be reversed in the winter to provide your home with heat. This is a great year-round option and even better if you’re about due for a cooling system replacement, too.
  • Dual Fuel: Heat pumps are highly efficient systems for both cooling and heating. But in the winter, if temperatures drop too low, a heat pump can struggle to warm your home as efficiently as possible. A dual fuel system combines the heat pump with a backup furnace, which automatically comes on when temperatures drop below a certain level. This is a great way to get efficient heating and cooling throughout the year!
  • Ductless System: The ductless mini split takes heat pump technology a step further. Rather than relying on ductwork, ductless systems use individual air handlers mounted on the walls of each room in your home. This allows for zoned heating and cooling and more control over the temperature for your entire household.

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