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Thermostat Systems and Service in Ashburn, VA

It doesn’t matter what kind of climate control systems you have, even if it’s the best on the planet, if you don’t have a good thermostat installed in your home. The thermostat is the core of any climate control system, responsible for issuing commands telling the system to turn on or off. Without a thermostat, a heating or air conditioning system would be unable to maintain a comfortable climate. AllTech Services, Inc. offers comprehensive thermostat services throughout Ashburn, VA. If you need a thermostat installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, call today and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that your thermostat keeps your climate control systems running smoothly and consistently.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

Most people don’t upgrade their thermostats unless they break down and can’t be repaired. It’s not uncommon for one thermostat to control multiple heating or air conditioning systems in succession over the decades. There are two main problems with this. First, the older a thermostat gets, the more wear and tear it accumulates. Just like other HVAC systems, a thermostat will lose more and more energy efficiency as it ages. Eventually, the thermostat will not be able to properly maintain a comfortable climate.

The second problem with not upgrading your thermostat is that you are missing out on the many advances in thermostat technology that have occurred over the past few years. By replacing your old digital thermostat with a new one, you can save a surprising amount of money over time.

Types of Thermostats

There are a great many different types of thermostats available on the market today, too many for us to cover them all here. However, there are a few different types that we want you to be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of those thermostat types now:

  • Smart / WiFi Thermostats: Smart thermostats are thermostats that actually learn over time. After a couple of weeks of using a smart thermostat, it will learn your various habits for climate control. Then, it will adjust itself to your optimal conditions without you even having to touch it.
  • Wireless Thermostats: One of the biggest issues with using a single thermostat is that it can only monitor the temperature in a single area. This is hardly representative of the climate across the entire house. A wireless thermostat uses a series of satellite units, which can be installed in each room throughout the house. This offers a much more comprehensive level of coverage, in order to maintain a more comfortable indoor climate.

We Install and Service a Wide Variety of Thermostats

If you need a thermostat installed or replaced, call AllTech Services, Inc.! Installing a thermostat in your home involves a lot of tricky electrical work, linking the system to your climate control units and to your home’s power grid. You should never attempt your own electrical work without professional training, as handling that amount of electricity can be quite dangerous if not done properly. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of all of your thermostat installation services for you. We also offer a full range of thermostat repair and maintenance services, so that your thermostat can stay in optimal operating condition.

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