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Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection Services in Ashburn, VA

Plumbing methods back in the day usually involved a lot of educated guesses and observation. While signs of a given problem often arose on the outside of a given pipe, the real issue typically lay inside, which meant that a certain amount of speculation was inevitable.

Video pipe inspection has put an end to all of that. With advances in video technology, it’s now possible to view a plumbing problem inside the pipe itself, giving the plumber unheralded accuracy in how a given issue developed and what means are needed to fix it. With it, plumbing repairs and replacement services can be conducted in a fraction of the time, and at less cost to you. Here in Ashburn, VA the pros at AllTech Services, Inc. use video pipe inspection for a wide variety of plumbing services. Contact us today if you have a plumbing problem and we’ll show you what a difference is can make!

How Video Pipe Inspection Works

Video camera inspection is actually an easy technique to understand. You’ve doubtless seen movies or TV shows where policemen on a raid send a tiny camera under the door to see where the bad guys are positioned before they come busting in. The system is not dissimilar in plumbing. A tiny camera and a light are sent down through the pipes of your Ashburn home, connected via a cable to a tablet or similar device. It allows the plumber to see all aspects of the problem, and to glean clues about how it was created. From there, it’s much easier to devise a solution that works and to implement it more quickly than you might otherwise.

The Applications of Video Pipe Inspection

Video camera inspection works well on almost any problem in your Ashburn home plumbing, and when applied by experts, can make a huge difference not only in treating the problem, but in preventing it from reoccurring. For example, say your pipe has a leak caused by corrosion left by hard water deposits. If you look at the pipe from the outside, you see only a leak. But the video camera can catch those signs of corrosion, letting the plumber know what caused it. He or she can then suggest installing a water softener in your system to prevent such corrosion from reoccurring. You can apply that to a large number of issues, from simple clogs to full–bore sewer line replacement.

Trust Us to Perform Video Camera Inspection

If you live in Ashburn, there’s only one name to trust with video camera inspection. At AllTech Services, Inc., we view this technology as indispensable to modern plumbing, and can deploy it to help handle any situation we can be called upon for. Good plumbers know how to take advantage of technological advances like this one, but it takes a great plumber to apply those advances to the time–honored techniques like careful analysis and hard work. Call us today. We’ll put our video pipe inspection services to work on your issue to get it solved more thoroughly and quickly than ever before!

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