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Air Purifiers

Air Purifier Systems in Ashburn, VA

The air in your home is absolutely infested with millions of microscopic airborne contaminants. These contaminants include pollen, germs, dander, dust, and mold spores. You inhale these contaminants every time you take a breath in your home, and most of the time they’re widely-dispersed enough for your body to defend against them. Prolonged exposure to high enough levels of these contaminants, however, can lead to all kinds of problems from the flu to asthma. It’s a good idea to take steps to rid your home of these contaminants, so that you can breathe more easily and be healthier in the long run. AllTech Services, Inc. installs and services air purifiers throughout Ashburn, VA. If you need air purifier services of any kind, call today for an appointment.

Types of Air Purifiers

There are a huge number of different air purifier types on the market, far too many for us to cover them all here. However, we can go over some of the more popular and common types for you. Let’s take a look:

  • UV Air Purifiers: UV air purifiers are essentially large lightbulbs, which give off fairly high levels of ultraviolet radiation. These bulbs are installed in your ductwork, right above your forced air systems, so that they can treat all air being circulated throughout your house. Most infectious agents, like viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, are unable to withstand high levels of UV light. If exposed, these contaminants will be sterilized or killed outright. So, a UV air purifier can keep you healthy by lowering the chances of you getting infected.
  • Ionization Purifiers: Ionization purifiers operate by releasing clouds of magnetized particles. When contaminants come into contact with these particles, they gain their own magnetic charge. The charged contaminants are then drawn into the purifier itself, and stick to metal plates with the opposite charge. The plates can then be removed and cleaned to get rid of the contaminants. Ionization purifiers can remove a large variety of different airborne contaminants from the air in your home.
  • Air Filters: Air filters are fiber meshes that are installed in the ducts of your home. As air flows through the filter, the contaminants it carries become snared in the fibers. Air filters are quite efficient at removing airborne contaminants, but do have to be removed and cleaned every few months in order to avoid becoming clogged.

We Install, Repair, and Maintain Air Purifiers in Ashburn, VA

Installing an air purifier is not something that should be done by anyone but a professional. It involves gaining access to the ducts at a specific point, then altering them to accommodate the system. That done, most air purifiers need to be wired into the home’s power grid in order to work. You should never attempt your own electrical work without professional training. So, if you need an air purifier installed in your home, call AllTech Services, Inc..

Air purifiers also need the occasional repair and maintenance visit in order to stay functioning. We offer full air purifier repair and maintenance services throughout Ashburn, VA. If your air purifier seems like it needs professional servicing, call us today and set up an appointment.

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