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Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Ashburn, VA

Commercial enterprises here in Ashburn, VA need to concern themselves with more than temperature control when it comes to their office or business space. They need to keep the quality of the indoor air high too: regulating humidity levels, lowering the dust count and performing similar activities to improve comfort and health levels for staff and visitors alike. Moreover, superior indoor air quality helps protect computers, storage items, and similar important components to your business from being damaged, and as such needs to be taken as seriously as a heater or air conditioner.

At AllTech Services, Inc., we’ll work with you to determine the exact sort of indoor air control your business needs, then install the proper equipment in your HVAC system. We’ll be there to maintain it as the years go by, and can step in with speedy repairs when it encounters problems. And if you want to upgrade or replace a worn system, our staff can do the job with confidence and pride. Contact us today to discuss your options!

Stop Dry Air in the Winter and Moist Air in the Summer

When it comes to humidity levels, Ashburn businesses tend to get it from both ends. In the winter, cold weather make the air excessively dry, while summers come chock full of mugginess. Both make your business very uncomfortable and depending on your business, both can be devastating to vital equipment. A commercial humidifier or dehumidifier can be the perfect answer: installed to keep humidity levels in check and your business comfortable. You can also install them in specialized spot designed to maintain delicate equipment in a given room! A consultation with a trained professional can help you find exact what you need!

Dust Is No Good for Any Business

Dust is an inevitability no matter what kind of business you’re in, which is why you have a cleaning crew to keep your space free of it at all times. But there’s always ways to lower the dust count even further, in the name of keeping your commercial space as clean as possible, as well as protecting computers and sensitive equipment from dust contamination. Electronic air filters can provide comprehensive dust elimination, while UV lights and similar devices can protect your business from germs and other biological contaminants. Installation is easy for a trained technician at AllTech Services, Inc., and maintenance and repairs are just a phone call away.

We Can Take Care of Your Indoor Air Quality Problems

In Ashburn, indoor air quality is a year–round concern, and you need someone who can handle all aspects of it. Summer or winter, spring or fall, and regardless of whether it’s a dehumidifier or a UV air purifier, the person who picks up that phone needs to be able to get the job done. Our staff at AllTech Services, Inc. is trained in a wide variety of products, and we know how to install and replace them as well as keeping them maintained and repaired when necessary. You never need to call anyone else but us!

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