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Trenchless Technology Services in Ashburn, VA

Trenchless technology, also called “no-dig” technology, is a method of handling sewer line and water main repair and replacement without having to tear open large trenches over property. AllTech Services, Inc. uses trenchless technology so our customers can have major plumbing jobs done quickly, affordably, and without ripping up their lawns and gardens.

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When you need extensive sewer or water main services in Ashburn, VA or the surrounding area, let our plumbers and our trenchless technology make the job easier for you. We’re dedicated to seeing that you’re completely satisfied without your experience with us.

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How Trenchless Technology Works

Trenchless technology from AllTech Services, Inc. is interned to get around the biggest problem facing a sewer line repair or sewer line replacement: getting to the pertinent length of pipe. Trenchless technology is designed to get around having to dig up the entire pipe: a costly, time–consuming, and inefficient means of solving the issue. Trenchless sewer repair entails a pair of holes dug on either side of the pipe, with video cameras and other equipment lowered down to look at the problem directly. From there, replacement pieces of a new pipe can be sent down the holes as well, fitted into place and sealed remotely to solve the problem from above–ground instead of going below it.

Sewer Line Repairs Are a Snap

Trenchless sewer line repairs here in Ashburn work first by getting a good look at the problem area via a tiny video camera. Once the issue is clarified, the technician can send a corrective piece down the holes to cover the affected pipe. Many times, it is essentially a rubber balloon: pulled into place and then inflated to seal shut the breach. Sometimes, it can be more in–depth: using an actually metal piece of something similar which can be fitted to the hole with an adherent. Whatever the solution, a pipe relining perform with trenchless technology is just as solid as a more traditional excavation and repair job, conducted in a fraction of the time and with far less cost to boot.

Sewer Line Replacement Is Easier Than You Think

"That’s all well and good," you say. "But what about trenchless sewer line replacement. Surely that’s not so easy." It isn’t, but neither is it as difficult as you may think. Through trenchless technology, the technician can send down a drill to break up the remains of the existing pipe while slowly pushing a replacement pipe into place. The technician can then seal the new pipe in place remotely. It takes more time than trenchless sewer line repair, but the principles are the same and here in Ashburn, we’re committed to performing it the right way. Contact us today to learn more!

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