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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services in Ashburn, VA and Surrounding Areas

Do you need an Ashburn, VA AC repair specialist to service your unit? AllTech Services, Inc. has got you covered! Keeping cool is a top priority during the hot, sticky days of summer. Opening windows and turning on ceiling fans works in a pinch, but it can’t hold a candle to a dedicated air conditioning system. Don’t try to make it through a Virginian summer without a good home cooling system installed in your home. You will be miserable. AllTech Services, Inc. is the HVAC company of chioce for residents in Ashburn that need reliable services. If you need an AC system of any kind installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, call us today at (703) 628-8200 or schedule an appointment online. We’ll help keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

Ashburn, VA Air Conditioning Repair, Installation & Maintenance

When you’re looking for a new air conditioning system, it’s always a good idea to trust a professional to handle it for you. Simply settling on the perfect air conditioning system is quite complicated. An air conditioning professional can walk you through the entire selection process, evaluating your home and finding the perfect system to meet your needs. If you need air conditioning installation services of any kind, call AllTech Services, Inc. today.

We also offer a full range of air conditioning repair and maintenance services. You should schedule preventive air conditioning maintenance at least once a year, in order to prevent as many problems as possible from cropping up. On the off chance that a problem does occur, though, you should call for repairs as soon as possible. The sooner we can get to your system, the more damage we can prevent.

Types of Systems for Air Conditioning Installation or Replacement

There are many, many different air conditioning system types available on the market. It can be quite daunting to fully evaluate each type of air conditioning system available, and how it might benefit you. You should consult with a professional anyway, to make sure that you get the best air conditioning system for your situation. However, there’s nothing wrong with knowing a little about what’s out there. Let’s take a look at some of the different air conditioning types on the market now:

  • Central Air Conditioning: Central air conditioning systems are the most common air conditioning type in the country. They are composed of a central unit, which circulates air throughout ducts in the home and siphons thermal energy from it. Central air conditioning is a good fit for many different situations, though it does not offer much control.
  • Ductless Systems: Ductless systems are heat pumps, which eschew ductwork in favor of individual air handlers installed in each room. Ductless systems offer a much finer degree of control than central air conditioning services, and can act as both heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are like ductless systems, but they use ducts instead of individual air handlers. Heat pumps are a great way to cut down on your climate control operating costs, without a loss of output or a load of additional construction work.
  • Packaged HVAC Systems: Packaged systems are like heat pumps, but with both the evaporator and condenser coils encased in a single unit. They are installed outside, with ductwork leading from them into the home. These systems are often used to save space in the home

Check out Angies List’s complete page about HVAC maintenance which offers a seasonal maintenance checklist as well as some other helpful tools if you want to learn more!

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