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How to Keep Your AC Working Well

ac-outdoor-unit-with-tools-on-topFirst off, let’s define what “working well” means. To you, it may mean that it’s blowing cool air. It’s making you feel “comfortable,” even if you feel the need to crank the thermostat down to 70°F in order to make your living space, well, livable.

What if we told you that you should have higher standards for comfort? If you need to turn your thermostat down that low just to get your air conditioner to work, then it is not “working well.” It’s working inefficiently. What we mean when we say an air conditioner is working well is that it’s operating as efficiently as possible. So, how do you maintain that? Read on!

Speaking of Maintaining Your AC…

Have you scheduled pre-season air conditioning maintenance yet? True, summer has already begun. But in the absence of a complete system breakdown that requires replacement, it’s never too late to schedule maintenance for your existing air conditioner. This is the number one way to boost the efficiency of your cooling system, as it gives our technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect, adjust, and clean the components that need it—so that your AC system performs better overall!

This isn’t the only thing you can do to help efficiency, though. Read on!

Are You Using Your Ceiling Fans?

If you have ceiling fans throughout your living space—or even just one ceiling fan, use it! Ceiling fans help to circulate the air coming from air conditioners more evenly, which takes much of the burden off of your air conditioner since you won’t have to set the thermostat so high.

Do You Have a Programmable Thermostat?

Replacing your outdated thermostat with a programmable monitor is a fantastic way to boost your AC system’s efficiency. A programmable thermostat creates a cooling program based around your personal schedule, so you’ll never have to worry about setting the right temperature.

As we’ve alluded to above, raising your thermostat even by just a few degrees can help you save significantly on your monthly cooling costs.

When’s the Last Time You Changed Your Air Filter?

We hope your answer is “last month” or at least “a few months ago.” The fact of the matter is, a clogged up air filter can create a number of problems for your air conditioner, including lowered efficiency. When the air filter becomes too clogged up, airflow is restricted, and it makes it that much harder for your HVAC system to do its job.

What Is the Condition of Your Ductwork?

You may be surprised to learn that 30% of the cool, conditioned air coming from your air conditioner can actually escape through faulty or damaged ductwork. Breaches in the ductwork will significantly lower energy efficiency, causing bills to skyrocket. Be sure to have a professional HVAC tech inspect your ducts to ensure they’re properly sealed. If not, please allow us to do the job effectively—unfortunately, that store-bought duct tape you have on hand is, ironically, not equipped to actually seal up HVAC ducts.

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