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The Best Ways to Prevent AC Repair This Summer


When something goes wrong with your air conditioner, it’s extremely inconvenient. Problems are most likely to happen when your air conditioner is spending the most time running, which means during the hottest weather. Depending on what goes wrong, AC repairs can sometimes be costly.

We can help you with that. We can’t guarantee an air conditioner that works perfectly forever, no. But we can tell you how to make sure it works as well as possible for as long as possible. How can you drastically reduce the likelihood that your air conditioner will require repairs this summer?

1: Schedule Professional Maintenance

When your air conditioner is serviced by a qualified technician, ideally before you need to turn it on for the first hot day of early summer, repair needs can be reduced by more than 50%! How does this incredible benefit come from simple maintenance? There are a few factors.

  • Cleaning: Removing all the dust and grime from the air conditioner will reduce overheating and friction and promote good air circulation. Washing out the condensate pan and drain will prevent clogs, mold, and overflowing moisture.
  • Lubrication: Getting those moving parts well-greased so they slide easily will also reduce overheating and friction, cutting down on wear and tear.
  • Inspection: Your technician will carefully check over all the components of the system. If there’s an issue, such as a misaligned part, a belt that’s wearing out, or a thermostat that needs to be recalibrated, your technician will get it sorted out. This means the small problem won’t have a chance to develop into a serious situation that requires repair later in the summer.

2: Change Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter

The air filter will cut down on the amount of dust that gets into the system and causes the overheating and friction we’ve been talking about. But if the filter gets too clogged with dust, it won’t allow enough air through. And good airflow is critical to avoiding major AC problems like insufficient cooling, poor distribution of cooled air, short cycling, and compressor strain.

Some air filters are disposable. Others can be washed and reused. Simply turn off the unit, remove and clean the filter or swap it out for a new one, put it back, and turn the air conditioner on again. Do this every month during the heat of the summer. When you’re using the AC more sporadically, you can do it less often, like every 2–3 months.

3: Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Air circulation matters outdoors, too! The outdoor unit is where the refrigerant passes through the condenser coils. This means it is releasing the heat it absorbed from inside your home. If the outdoor unit doesn’t have good airflow all around it, the refrigerant won’t release the heat as well. It won’t be as cool when it flows back indoors. It won’t absorb as much heat. And the AC need to work harder to cool your home.

Don’t cause unnecessary strain to your air conditioner! Trim back any shrubs or plants that grow close to the outdoor unit. Rake away any debris like lawn clippings or leaves. And give it an occasional hose-down to remove any dust, dirt, or mess. Just make sure you don’t use a high-pressure nozzle. Be gentle to protect the fins and coils.

If you do need air conditioning repair in Manassas, VA, get it done promptly, before you end up with a bigger problem and a more extensive repair!

AllTech Services, Inc. is your trusted resource for all your AC concerns. Contact us today!

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