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Why Choose AllTech Services?

We hope that customers choose us because they’ve heard excellent things about our company and services. We work toward the goal of pleasing customers so they’ll want to refer us to their family and friends. It's how we operate normally—we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and we do the work the way they would want it done. We will keep working until customers are comfortable and satisfied with our services.

We’re dying to show you what we can do, so call us today and see what a real customer-conscious company acts like.

Call AllTech Services, Inc. today: (703) 628-8200.

You want a company that is staffed by people who care

We hand select our technicians based on skill level, dependability, and kindness. We look for people we would enjoy having in our own homes who would treat our customers very well. It’s not easy to find people who have all the elements it takes to be an excellent service provider for home owners but that is exactly what we do. We do it for your peace of mind and ours. With good people who possess top notch skills, we are sure we can satisfy our customers and continue to do business in a way that our customers prefer.

You need a company with longevity and reliability

AllTech Services, Inc., has been in the HAC and Plumbing business in this area for over 20 years. We have stood strong through the recent difficulties mainly be relying on past customers and word of mouth. A large percentage of our business is from repeat customers and that generally means we are performing adequately and providing reasonable prices. These customers knew they could rely on us and in their mind all they had to do was make a phone call and their issue would be handled professionally and to their satisfaction.

You want them to be courteous and respectable

A lot of our techs are young men, and rare young men at that. We like people that smile and say excuse me and Thank You. Even a Yes Mam can be heard regularly. Being courteous is something all of our staff has within them naturally. They are just that kind of people. The kind you could imagine having lunch with or discussing sports. Just good decent people. It is common human decency and respect. Treating our customers with courtesy and respect is something we don’t just strive for, it is something we do everyday, without fail, and without a checklist telling us to be that way.

Trained and Certified HVAC Technicians

Being trained and certified is a requirement in our industry however there are a lot of small companies out there providing HVAC and plumbing services who are not licensed. It is important to find a company that has the credentials you would expect from a company that provides service on your home. We are professional in every way and our technicians are as well. We send new techs through an apprenticeship program, classroom and on the job training, and complete certification before they ever handle a job on their own. Rest assured, if the work is done by AllTech Services, it is being done by an experienced, well trained and certified technician.

Licensed and Insured Plumbers

Plumbing has become a sophisticated industry with the advent of high efficiency systems like tankless water heaters, and low flow toilets. Everything right down to the density of the PVC pipes used have changed over time. Our licensed plumbers are on the front edge of our industry keeping up with the changes and additions to the method as time goes by. Our team of plumbers can provide everything from new construction rough in and finish out to replacing your sewer and main lines. Our plumbing services are managed by professionals and out plumbers are backed by an office staff ready to expedite your service work or installation. For more information on our plumbing services, please contact us or call us at (703) 628–8200 today! 

Name Brand Dealer

AllTech Services is a name brand dealer for HVAC manufacturers like Carrier, American Standard, Bryant. We service all brands but we only suggest a limited few for new system installations. We monitor our industry for advances and advantages delivered by the equipment manufacturers to determine the best products available today. Our manufacturers offer the strongest warranties on the products we provide you. You want a reliable HVAC manufacturer simply because you know that company will be here 20 years down the line. Finding the most efficient system, at the best price, with the best warranties is what we do for our valued customers everyday. We save you money, we reduce your headaches.

Our Service Guarantee to our customers

We offer our customers a Service Guarantee on our Heating, Air Conditioning, and plumbing services. We include a 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee with the installation of heating and air conditioning systems or our plumbing service. We guarantee that we will resolve any issue you may have with the work we provide for a period of 1 year. This protects you and it also protects our reputation by allowing us to resolve any problems and maintain our good name. We want you to be happy and our service guarantee helps us do that.  

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