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Heating and Air Conditioning systems have come a long way!

With the ability to better test systems and with better feedback from dealers and customers, HVAC system manufacturers have been able to redesign their products to increase efficiency more and more every year. If your HVAC system is older, you may well benefit from a replacement air conditioning and heating system simply by the savings it provides. A more efficient system is a great benefit to the Earth as well by reducing the energy footprint of the equipment.


HVAC Systems Efficiency has increased in some cases over 20% in just the last 5 years alone!

Over the past 5 years heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have made leaps and bounds in efficiency. But efficiency is not always the deciding factor. Cost tends to be the deciding factor for most customers. The product and installation has to be within reason to be afforded by the customer. When choosing the system needed for your home, we have to consider the size of your home and the unit needed to adequately provide the heating and cooling for your home. We then determine the cost versus budget of the customer. The efficiency rating for the system we install on your home will be the highest possible from the most dependable manufacturer. 

Which manufacturer makes the best system?

This choice is based on many factors however across the board we have had more success with the 3 brands we promote the most; Trane, Carrier, and Rheem.  The reason we prefer these brands is due to a variety of advantages. We know these companies and they know us so we can work with them to make sure the systems we install are top notch and dependable. These equipment manufacturers tend to stand firmly behind their products and we generally never have issues with the systems we install. Knowing the manufacturer, knowing the products, knowing the warranties included, and knowing the overall performance and efficiency of these brands assures us they will do the job better than other brands.

Should I consider an Indoor Air Quality System?

Yes, if possible. Our new UV light systems install within your HVAC system and are never actually visible. They work behind the scenes to make the air in your home clean and fresh. The unique UV light system kills 99% of the allergens in the air which reduces family illnesses and makes life more comfortable for you and your family. The new UV Light technology works well with more powerful filtering systems that we also offer so contact us or call us today for more details at (703)628–8200.

What about more advanced filtration systems, will that help?

Yes. We offer add–on HVAC filter systems that work with the brand of air conditioning system installed. These filters are unlike regular thin air filters we are all used to. HVAC filters are becoming more advanced every year and more costly to change regularly. With the filtering systems we offer, the filter itself is quit a bit different. Thicker in size but allowing air to flow through more easily while trapping smaller and smaller particles of dust as they work. The greater the air flow, the less stress on your system. A more advanced filter system for your home will help keep the air in your home fresh and clean.

How long will my new air conditioning system last and how do I maintain it?

Your new heating and air conditioning system will last for many years and the longevity of your system is based on the quality of the equipment and the maintenance it receives over time. Most people don’t spend a lot of time maintaining the system other than changing filter and having it checked if there is an issue. Realistically, you home HVAC system is just as important as your car’s maintenance. If you have your system inspected and maintained by a professional company like AllTech Services, your system will last as much as 10 years longer than a normal system simply because it was maintained properly. You can do some maintenance items yourself. Keep your outside unit clear of leaves and debris. When the system is off you can gently spray water through the coils of the outside unit to help remove some debris in the coils but your coils should really be cleaned by a professional who will remove all debris. You of course should keep your air filter changed at least once a month to make sure the system continues to allow air to flow easier. You can also reduce overuse of your system. If the outside air is pleasant, turn off your system and open windows. This helps draw fresh air through your ducts to help freshen them. Take adavanatage of our Planned Maintenance Program and keep your system running smooth for many years.

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