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How to Reduce Your Energy Bills

The HVAC industry has continually advanced in the ways it can increase energy efficiency for homes. A smoothly operating HVAC system in your house will help keep your regular energy costs low. A replacement heating and air conditioning system can immediately lower your energy bills simply because of its superior energy efficiency rating. Many other things affect how much energy your home uses, and there are many simple methods you can use to help conserve energy and lower your overall energy costs.


Proper Thermostat Operation

Your home thermostat controls when your system is running and in what mode. With an older thermostat, the most common way to reduce energy costs is to lower or raise the temperature setting. We suggest investing in a new programmable thermostat. This will allow you to adjust the settings for your home AC System based on need. Having your system turn on an off based on the comings and goings of your family will reduce your overall energy costs.

Control Window Openings Properly

Windows allow the transfer of heat and cold and you can help control this by various means. In most cases, heavy black out style curtains can be drawn and reduce the amount of cold transmitting all the way into the room. It adds a layer of insulation to your windows. Of course the windows can also be used to let warm sunlight in to raise the temperature of items in the home including the floor which can resonate the heat from the area reducing the need for central heating. The window can also be opened during nice weather to allow cool or warmer air into the home to help keep your family comfortable and the air fresher.

Use Ceiling and Table top fans

Fans generally require less energy to run than your HVAC system does. When the weather and temperatures permit, you can use the fans to circulate air to keep the house comfortable and fresh. By using fans from time to time, you are reducing your overall energy usage since the HVAC system is not being used as much.

Plug Air Infiltration Leaks

You’ve probably heard that most homes have enough gaps and cracks to amount to a whole in your wall the size of a brick. Of course a whole that size will make it hard to heat and cool your home. To prevent this, you should caulk and weatherstrip your doors and windows.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs with energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

The new energy efficient bulbs that are on the market are an excellent way to reduce your home’s energy costs. These bulbs are more expensive but they last 10 times longer and use as much as 80% less electricity than the old style filiment bulbs. 

Adjust lighting to real needs

Leaving lights on is an energy drain for most families. Trying to get everyone on board to turn them off when not in use it something you have to train into the family. But it pays off by adding another layer of energy efficiency to your home which of course reduces your overall use of energy.

Computers and accessories energy adjustment

Most families have a number of computers, monitors, printers, tablets, smart phones, etc... Some of these items like phones and tablets generally don’t require a lot of electricity but when you include the whole family it becomes difficult to just find a plug to plug into. If your computer, peripheral, or device is not in use, do not leave it on. You should shut down all items when not needed. If you are charging something remove it from the charger when done.

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