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When you have serious plumbing problems, call AllTech Services, Inc.. We can affordably take care of any issue you may have.

But what about those times when the problem is not that drastic and maybe you can resolve it on your own? We’re continuously providing helpful information to our customers through our Monthly Filter Change Reminder Newsletter. It has plenty of tips and features to help homeowners keep things running while saving money! To sign up, fill out the box on the side. We will send only 1 email once a month that simply reminds you to change your HVAC system’s filter and provides timely tips to save energy and fix things around the house.


How to clear a clog in your sink or bathtub

You all know how to use a plunger but many times the plunger will not work. To make your plunger work better, you may need to cover other drains like the tub to prevent pressure from escaping while you are plunging the other item. You can also to flush out the clog hydraulically. This is done by filling a large bucket with water and pouring it straight down the toilet. This additional hydraulic pressure can flush a toilet without touching the handle. In some cases this works to release light clogs and allow the water to flow. You can also use a small roto rooter type drain clog remover. This is usually a short length of line usually metal or plastic that you slide down the drain to hopefully run into and remove the clog. These work just fine as long as the clog is close to the drain. If the clog is further down and cannot be removed you will need to call in a professional company to remove the clog. We provide roto rooter service so if you need your drains unclogged, please schedule a service call online or call us now at (703)628–8200. 

Caulk to prevent mold and mildew

Tubs and vanities are in constant contact with liquids. These liquids can penetrate tiles, plastics, grout, and Sheetrock to create some very unsightly spots of mold or mildew. Major leaks will cause mold within your walls which can cause illnesses and it is very costly to remove. To save yourself some future costs, use caulk to completely seal areas around water areas like the tub skirt, tile, edge, vanity, edge, sink lip, faucet mount, and toilet. A consistent seal will reduce your maintenance costs over time by stopping the mold and mildew from growing.

Air in your plumbing lines

If your pipes are noisy, this is generally due to air in the lines. A small amount of air create a bubble than can remain in your pipes causing the pipes to shake when in use and gurgle or bump when sitting unused. There are a few ways to resolve the problem but you fits have to determine if there is a leak in your system. Turn on all of your faucets in your home. One by one turn each one of until all are off again. If the noise continues, try the procedure one more time allowing the water to flow for a longer period of time. The air should escape while the water is flowing. If the problem persists, please contact us so we can come inspect your water lines more thoroughly to determine where the air is coming in at.

Plumbing odors and cleaners that will stop them

On occasion, a plumbing system within a home can become contaminated within the lines with odor causing bacteria. In most cases the problem resolves itself over time with continual use however sometimes more work is needed. If you have a consistent Odor coming from your plumbing drains, use a strong bacteria killing cleanser like Lysol or Pine Sol. These cleaners are designed specifically to kill bacteria that cause odors. Simply pour a small amount of the cleaner into your toilet, tub drain, and sink drains. Let it sit for several hours then run the water to push the cleaner into the drain pipes. again let it set for a while and repeat the process. This will kill the germs causing the odor and provide you with cleaner smelling air.


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