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Improve Indoor Air Quality

Cleaner air in your home is always going to be better for your family. We offer a variety of indoor air quality products that can stop allergens and better purify your air. Good filtering, clean ducts, clean equipment, UV Light technology, advanced filtering systems … all of this makes a great deal of difference in the quality of the air your family is breathing. We can help you solve dusty rooms, unpleasant odors, and generally boost your family’s health.


Clean, fresh air for you and your family to enjoy

The quality of the air in your home is usually worse than the air outside your home. With the in and out of people allowing dust and contaminants to enter the home results in not so clean air. Not allowing fresh air can also make the air in your home stale and can also contribute to discoloration of walls and fabrics within your house. With an Indoor Air Quality system installed within your Heating and Air Conditioning system you will have a full time air cleaning system as well. We help your family breathe easy with our Indoor Air Quality and purification systems. For more information, please contact us or call us today at (703)628–8200.

Our Indoor Air Quality Products

All Tech Services offers AprilAire air purification systems as well as a new technology using UV light to kill allergens before they reach your family. We also carry a variety of upgrade filter systems for your home air conditioning and heating system. These items will clean the air in your home as it flows through your blower and furnace. The UV light system kills germs and bacteria and the upgrade filter systems remove more contaminants from the air providing clean, allergen free air for your family. Keep your family comfortable and reduce illnesses with out Indoor Air Quality products.

UV Light Technology

You may have heard of UV Lights being used in hospitals to reduce allergens. The UV light system we install is similar in that is uses Ultra Violet light technology to kill germs, bacteria, and allergens that flow through your heat and air system. The system is unobtrusive, installed within the inside unit of your system. As air is drawn into your system it must pass the UV Light. As the air passes through, the UV Light rays kill the allergens before the air is released into the home. This technology is the latest in home comfort. If you would like a price quote, please fill out our online form.

What is the best filter to use

Central heat and air systems typical use the standard thin filters. These filters have made great advances in recent years with better filtering fabric, stronger side walls, and zig zag style pleats to provide greater filtering area. Of course the newer filters can be more expensive and in some cases too expensive. We suggest that if you change your filter once a month regularly, you can use a lower cost filter. If you don’t change your filter as often, we suggest going with one of the pleated style filters because they are more durable and will provide a longer amount of filtering time than the less expensive ones. Can’t remember to change the filter? We’ll remind you! Sign up for our monthly email Filter Change Reminder that will also provide you with other energy tips each month. Fill in the Filter Change Reminder box on the side and you too will be reminded.

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