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What to Do If You Suddenly Lose Water to Your House


If we tell you to picture a plumbing emergency, chances are you’re imagining a geyser of water spraying from a broken pipe. But the exact opposite type of problem can also be an emergency: a lack of water.

What should you do if you turn on a faucet and little to no water comes out? We’ve got the answers for you.

Don’t Panic

The first thing to do is take a deep breath! Staying calm in an emergency will help you to remember what you already know and make good choices on the basis of that information. What are the facts in this case? What more information do you need?

Get More Information

Was it the hot water you tried to turn on? Then it could be a problem with the water heater. Try the cold water. If that doesn’t work either, you can eliminate the water heater as a possible cause of the problem. Have you only tried the water at one fixture? If you were trying to run the shower, go see if the water is working at the kitchen sink. The more information you have, the better you can narrow down the issue.

Look for a Leak

Sometimes, a sudden loss of water pressure is because all of the water is leaking out somewhere else. If there’s only a lack of water at one fixture, look in the area where the plumbing supplies water to that fixture to see if a leak might be occurring in a cabinet or behind a wall. If there’s a lack of water everywhere in the house, there could be a major leak somewhere closer to where the water enters the house.

If you do find a leak, your next step is to find a shut-off valve. Each fixture should have one, and there is also one where the main water line enters your house, probably on the side facing the street (or the well) and low down or in the basement. Turn it clockwise to stop that water from flowing.

Check for a Widespread Problem

If there’s little or no water at your whole home, and you can’t find a leak, it’s time to see if the problem extends beyond your house. This is one of those times when it pays to be friendly with the neighbors. Check with the folks who live to either side of you and see if they’re also having water problems. You can also check with your municipal water utility. Maybe there’s a break in a water main.

Get Professional Plumbing Help

If you still need help, no matter what time of day or night it is, you can reach out to a 24-hour plumber in Sterling, VA. A serious leak or a total loss of water definitely counts as an emergency in our book! And now that you’ve done some of the initial work yourself, you’ll be better able to answer questions and get the precise help you need more quickly.

AllTech Services, Inc. is your trusted resource for all your plumbing concerns. Contact us today!

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