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Why We Use Hydrojetting for Drain Cleaning


Ah, your drains. They’re probably your favorite part of your home, right? You think about them all the time.

What’s that you say? You never think about them unless they get clogged?

Well, unfortunately, that’s true for many people. But when we don’t think about making sure our drains are working well, we’re more likely to end up with those clogs or other unpleasant problems.

Drain cleaning can be done when there’s a pressing concern, like a completely clogged drain—or more than one. It can be done when there’s a problem that’s a bit less urgent, like generally slow drains that aren’t completely clogged. And it can also be done preventatively, so you won’t end up with those problems. The way we clean drains is called hydrojetting, and it’s an ideal solution in all of those cases. Why is it the best option? We’ll explain.

Your Home’s Drainage System

All your drains need to work properly in order for you to thoroughly enjoy your home. Even one clog can be incredibly inconvenient … and sometimes, quite smelly. The tricky bit is that all of your drains are connected. A clog might just affect one, if it’s close to that drain. But if the matter that is causing the clog is deeper in, it may affect more drains.

There’s one destination for all the wastewater from all the drains in your home: the sewer pipe. It leads away from your home, taking all that waste to either the municipal sewer pipe that leads to the sewage treatment plant, or to your septic tank. And if there’s a clog or an accumulation of matter deep in your drainage system, it could block the sewer pipe and affect your whole home.

How a Hydro Jetter Works

Sometimes, people are concerned that they’ll need to use chemicals to clean out the drains of their home. We never recommend that! It’s risky for your health, and can cause corrosion in your pipes. Sometimes, people have tried using drain snakes or augers to dislodge a clog, but the clog is too deep and cannot be reached. Never fear! The hydro jetter is here.

Your qualified plumber can use a long line to reach down to the bottom of your drainage system, all the way to the sewer pipe. The line has adjustable nozzles on the end to be able to spray in any direction. Then the hydro jetter is turned on. 

With nothing but highly-pressurized water, all the accumulation in your pipes is scoured away. Whether it’s mineral scaling, solidified cooking fat, soap scum, sediment, or anything else, it won’t stand up against the hydro jetter. Your plumber will slowly withdraw the line, blasting away clogs and buildup all the way, until your whole drainage system is clean.

When to Get Drain Cleaning

When should you make an appointment for hydrojetting in Manassas, VA? Any time you have drain clogs that are stubborn, recurring, or in more than one drain of your home, or when your drains are slow. Other signs to watch out for are drain odors and soggy, smelly, or suspiciously well-fertilized-looking patches of lawn.

You can have your drains cleaned annually as part of your home’s regular maintenance. This will ensure that you never have to worry that the gradual accumulation will suddenly lead to a clog and force you to think about those pesky drains when you don’t want to. 

AllTech Services, Inc. is your trusted resource for all your drain cleaning concerns. Contact us today!

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