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Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others When My Heater Is Running?


As long as your heating system is running, your whole house should be cozy, right? But sometimes, a problem can occur which leaves parts of your home perfectly toasty while others have a distinct chill in the air. What can cause uneven heating and cold spots in your house? Do you need heating repair? Here’s what you should know.

Check the Air Filter First

You might be able to resolve the problem by yourself. Has it been awhile since you cleaned or replaced your air filter? If it’s clogged with dust, it could be slowing the airflow enough that heat simply isn’t being distributed properly throughout your home. If it’s clean, or if cleaning it doesn’t resolve the problem, it’s time for heating repair in Ashburn, VA

Other Possible Causes of Uneven Heat

It will take a qualified professional to properly diagnose the exact cause of your uneven heating problem because there are several things that can cause it.

  • Short Cycling: When the heating system shuts down very soon after starting up, only to try again moments later, it’s called short cycling. This can be caused by something overheating, so the limit switch turns off the system for safety. When cycles are so short, the heat is insufficient and poorly distributed.
  • Duct Damage: When the ductwork that carries your heated air throughout your home has holes or tears, is deteriorated from age, or has come disconnected somewhere, the heated air can be lost between your walls or in your attic. The air that comes out your vents will be lukewarm or cool, or there will barely be any, leaving some parts of your house feeling cold.
  • Zone Control Failure: A zone control system uses dampers to open and close sections of ductwork, so you can individually control the temperature in different parts of your home. If you have a system like this, a cold zone could be caused by a damper becoming stuck shut.
  • Thermostat Issues: Maybe your furnace and ducts are fine. Maybe the information necessary for proper heating just isn’t getting sent correctly! A thermostat could be miscalibrated, meaning that it’s reading the temperature wrong, or a loose electrical connection between the thermostat and furnace could be making it so that signals are only sent intermittently.
  • An Aging Heater: Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is not a straightforward repair. When a heater gets to the end of its life, it will often struggle to maintain even heating throughout the home. As long as you’ve had maintenance done annually, a gas furnace should last around 15 years and an electric furnace should last around 20. If your furnace is getting to be around that age, replacement might be the only solution.

If you’ve got uneven heat, you don’t need to sit around for the rest of the winter feeling uncomfortable, putting on and taking off your hat and coat when you walk from one room to another. Whether the problem is with your furnace or some other part of your HVAC system, we’ll help you get it sorted out so you can be cozy, no matter which part of your home you’re in.

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