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When Is a Plumbing Problem an Emergency?

female homeowner with rubber gloves inspecting under sink plumbingWhen a plumbing problem occurs, especially if it’s late at night or during the weekend, your first reaction is likely that you’ll need to call for emergency repairs. Sometimes, this does prove necessary. However, in other cases, the issue can actually wait, and therefore you can avoid paying more than you might have had to otherwise.

When assessing the situation with your plumbing in Gainesville, VA and determining if it is, in fact, an emergency, consider this:

Are You Able to Shut the Water Off? If you have access to the water shut off valve, either for your entire home or just the affected area, and you’re comfortable doing so, go ahead and stop the flow of water. This may be a bit inconvenient, but it will grant you time to give our expert plumbers a call and schedule service without the stress of watching water slowly cover the floors of your living space.

An Exception to This. Let’s say the leak has already spread and even if you do shut off your water, buckets and rags aren’t enough to clean up all the water that’s already present. Don’t put off calling a plumber for fear of paying more for emergency services—doing so could leave you paying more for property damage and home reconstruction after the flood has occurred.

Did Your Water Pressure Drop? This is concerning, as it can mean that your sewer line has a blockage. If the water pressure is suffering in just one appliance or room, then it could be that only a small part of your plumbing system is affected. But if it’s your whole house, the sewer line could be to blame. However, call your municipal water supply company first! It may be that they are doing unplanned or planned work on the main water line and that’s affecting your water usage.

Whether or not you deem your plumbing problem as an emergency, there are some steps you can take before your plumber gets there to make repairs. This is regardless of whether you need to wait 20 minutes or until the next day. For instance, you want to try to clean up any mess that water has left behind ASAP.

Doing so can help you prevent mold growth or other severe damage. Be sure to also put down towels and buckets in case of additional leakage, and assess the damage that has been done. It’s a good idea to look at your homeowner’s insurance paperwork and see what’s covered by your policy. Sometimes, your insurance policy won’t cover flooding or leaks that they say were preventable—but it’s best to know what to expect when you get a quote or expert opinion from our plumbers.

Our professionals carry the latest equipment for plumbing problems from pipe inspections and drain cleaning to broken components and massive leaks. We’ll get to the root of your plumbing problem quickly, and have it resolved so that it can’t cause any further damage.

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