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Why You Should Never Ignore Late-Season AC Repair Needs!

group of outside units for central air conditioningIt won’t be long now before we can start enjoying cooler temperatures. We’ll begin to use our air conditioners less and less, and schedule our heating maintenance appointments so we can make sure we’re prepared as possible for when winter comes.

One break you should never give to your air conditioner though, no matter how late in the cooling season it is, is scheduling air conditioning repair in Gainesville, VA. We understand how tempting it can be to ignore signs of an air conditioner that is malfunctioning this time of year. After all, as we alluded to above, you won’t need it much very soon. So is it really worth it to schedule these repairs now?

Yes, Take Care of AC Repair Needs ASAP!

It’s never a wise idea to neglect air conditioner repairs and leave them for later, no matter what time of the year it is. Even with cooler temps ahead, you may end up with some minor, or even major, problems with your cooling system if you let it continue to run or stop using it altogether without addressing repair needs. For instance, you’ll have:

  • A Higher Breakdown Risk: Any time your air conditioner operates with some malfunction—whether it is something like a refrigerant leak or a motor that’s running down because of low lubricant—the system is more likely to suffer from a complete breakdown. With some warm days still upon us and potential fall heat waves, do you really want to take that chance?
  • Higher Electrical Bills: When an air conditioner has a problem with it, it cannot possibly perform as efficiently as it should. The added strain on a cooling system from an issue with a motor, the compressor, the blower fan, or any other part will lead it to drawing on larger amounts of electricity and you’ll be paying more for that energy than you should.
  • Costlier Repairs: A single repair issue in a cooling system is not a huge deal, but it is likely to become multiple repair issues if it’s not taken care of as soon as possible. Trouble can easily spread through a complex mechanical system such as this. The longer you wait to address repairs, the greater the chance that you’ll have to pay more.
  • Shorter Equipment Lifespan: If you allow problems with your cooling system to continue without addressing them, the wear and tear will start taking months, and potentially even years, off of the air conditioner, and you’ll find yourself needing to replace it a lot sooner than you would have had to otherwise.

When you have access to professionally trained and highly experienced HVAC technicians such as the members of our staff, there’s no reason to wait to have your cooling system cared for. At the first sign that something is wrong, contact our team and we’ll get the problem fixed for you, so you can rely on your AC for the rest of this season and for the years to come!

AllTech Services, Inc. is a value based business focused on providing exceptional HVAC work and more to our clients. Contact us today!

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