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Signs That Your Heater Is in Trouble

animated-checklistLook, there is no good time to be in need of heating repairs. It’s almost never in the budget and almost always right when you need your heater the most. Heating repair needs tend to crop up the most when you are actually using your heating system frequently.

Of course, the best way to fend off the worst heating repair needs is with routine heating maintenance. If you haven’t scheduled a fall tune-up yet, now is the time! During maintenance, our team will thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust any components that need it. This allows us to catch any small repair needs before they grow into bigger ones.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that even with diligent heating system care, you may still run into heater trouble. Read on as we uncover some of the most common signs that it may be time to give us a call.

There Are Funny Noises Coming from the System

We don’t mean “funny” as in they’ll make you laugh, but “funny” as in noises you don’t normally hear your heating system make. A good rule of thumb to go by here is that any sound that’s out of the ordinary is cause enough for alarm and to give our team a call. While an odd noise here or there may not seem like a big deal, assuming so and ignoring it can lead to detrimental problems for your heater.

For example, a buzzing noise can indicate that something electrical is happening, while a screeching noise may indicate a worn-down motor bearing or belt that could give out at any moment. If you hear a banging or popping noise, it may be dirt burning off of your gas jets, rattling the delicate heat exchangers in the process, which can be quite dangerous!

You’re Spending Way Too Much on Energy

We get it, this is a bit subjective. Doesn’t everyone wish they could be spending less on their energy bills, after all? While this is true, what we want you to look at is what you’re paying for energy compared to this same time last year. Alternatively, you could look at what your neighbors are paying for similar use, for the same type of heating system. If your bills are drastically higher, it’s a definite sign that something is causing your heater to perform less efficiently than it used to.

You Hear the System Going Through Short Cycles

This is literally called short-cycling, when your heater rapidly turns on and off, never completing a full heating cycle. Unfortunately, not only is this the symptom of a problem—probably electrical in nature—but it’s also something that causes more problems for your system, since it doesn’t allow for efficient use of the system.

The Pilot Light Is Yellow

If you’re using a furnace to heat your home, you should never see the pilot light flame burning yellow. It should instead burn blue. Any other color indicates that there are substances present on the burners that will interfere with your heater’s operation and safety.

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