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The Holidays + Your Plumbing = Disaster?

two-small-children-flushing-items-down-toiletThat’s a scary looking equation, right? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Look, the holidays are going to be different this year. Whether you are enjoying festivities with just your immediate family or having folks that are part of your “quaranbubble” over for small holiday parties, there are some factors to consider you might not think about. With everything going on this year and everything that’s probably on your mind, your plumbing system is likely low on the list of priorities.

That’s why we’re making it our job to bring it to the forefront of your mind. If you haven’t had plumbing maintenance done in a while, it might be a good idea to give us a call! But we’d also like to share some tips with you on how to make this a hassle-free holiday season—at least, when it comes to your pipes.

Tip #1: Be Mindful of Big Holiday Meals and What They Mean for Your Kitchen Sink

During the holiday season, a frequent call we get from customers is in regards to a clogged kitchen sink. There are a number of ways this can happen. Certain food items, for example, go down the drain when they shouldn’t. This includes things like potato skins, corn husks, celery stalks, and hard foods like fruit pits. Homeowners too often assume that because they have a garbage disposal system, “everything will be fine.” Garbage disposals can be powerful, but even they have their limits!

Another item that shouldn’t go down your drain but often does when cooking big holiday meals is FOG. FOG stands for “fats, oils, and grease.” What happens is that this FOG congeals as it cools down. So even if it doesn’t create an immediate blockage, continually dumping FOG down your kitchen sink drain will eventually build up to become a huge mess that could have been avoided.

Last, but certainly not least, you have to consider food items that expand with water. This includes things like rice, beans, bread, and pasta. They act like sponges, growing as they get saturated with water, and can easily clog your kitchen drain.

Tip #2: Do a Little Bathroom Prep

There are a lot of things homeowners may be doing to prep their homes for guests this holiday season. For sanitization purposes, you may be putting paper cups in your bathroom, and using individual paper towels rather than allowing guests to dry their hands on your bath towels. These are all great ideas!

But another way you should prep is by explaining to guests that these items should never be flushed down the toilet. Even wipes and other bathroom products marketed as “flushable” really aren’t. They take too long to break down and can end up creating a stubborn clog.

Tip #3: Give Us a Call If You Do Have a Clog!

One important factor to keep in mind about drain clogs is that you shouldn’t use store-bought liquid drain cleaners to try to alieve them. Why not? Because these “solutions” are actually highly caustic and can do more harm than good to your drains.

Instead, give us a call and we will use either a drain snake or the more powerful hydro-jetter to relieve you of those clogs.

To get in touch with a professional Gainesville plumber, contact AllTech Services, Inc. today!

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