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Is Your Water Heater About to Fail?

water_heater_failurePerhaps one of the most disastrous things that can happen in your household is a hot water heater failure. Nobody really notices just how important these appliances are to day-to-day living until something goes wrong with them. And when something does go awry, you want the problem fixed quickly.

Fortunately, we are here to provide repairs as well as water heater replacements if your system is too far gone. Of course, we understand that you’d like to avoid this problem all together, however. So we’ve provided some signs below that your water heater is warning you, so that you can give our professionals a call at the first sign of trouble.

You’ve Discovered Rust or Discolored Water Coming from the Taps

If you turn a hot water handle on in your home, and the water that comes out is a rusty or brown color, then you likely have corrosion within the tank of the water heaters. This can come from excessive age or a rusted anode rod. Fortunately, if the anode rod is the issue, it can be replaced. However, if the anode rod is long gone, then the rust may be coming from the water heater itself, which would warrant a system replacement.

The Water Is Not Getting Hot Enough

If you find that the temperature of your hot water is starting to lower, don’t ignore it. A drop in heating power probably means there is a problem with the burner if you have a gas-powered system, or broken heating elements if you have an electric-powered system.

You Hear Rumbling from the Water Heater Tank

There are various reasons that the water tank may start to make odd noises. It could be caused by a faulty mixing valve causing hot and cold water to mix together, it could be excess sediment in the bottom of the tank causing the water pressure to spike, or it could be another problem. The best thing to do is give our pros a call to inspect the unit.

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