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Common Heater Troubles to Keep an Eye Out For

common_heater_troublesWhen you live somewhere that can get as cold as it does here in Virginia, you know that your furnace or other heating system is going to be put under a lot of stress. Wear and tear are increased during our long winters, and serious problems can occur more easily.

Even if you’ve had your heater professionally maintained recently, you should keep your eyes open for any problems that can crop up. Keep reading for some of the most common issues we receive calls for.

Faulty Ignition

This is a problem that plagues gas-powered furnaces, which a very good majority of homeowners in the area use. Gas-powered furnaces rely on some kind of ignition device in order to start. This may be a standing pilot light—which is common in older systems—an intermittent electric system, or a heating element.

If the ignition system fails, then your furnace won’t be able to ignite the burner assembly in order to provide heat. In general, the first sign of an ignition system problem is if the furnace fails to start. Though this is obviously a frustrating problem, our professionals will have no trouble resolving it.

Air Handler Trouble

An air handler is the part of a forced-air heating system that’s responsible for circulating that air through the system during its operation. In order to compensate for the friction that is generated during this operation, the air handler motor is outfitted with oiled bearings, which can wear down over time and require replacement.

You can typically tell when the bearings are worn down due to a loud grinding noise they make during operation. If these bearings aren’t replaced in a timely manner, then the friction can continue to mount until the air handler motor burns itself out—a point that you never want to get to!

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