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What Is Causing My Home’s Uneven Heating?

alltech_unevenheating_12-30-16When it comes to using our heating systems, one of the most troubling issues we can run into is a system that doesn’t actually properly heat our homes. But what if your heater is heating your home, just leaving some cold spots in certain areas?

There are a few reasons this might be occurring, and we’ve highlighted the most common below. Remember, no heating work should be attempted on your own. For your safety and for your home’s protection, rely on a trained heating professional, such as a member of our staff.

Blocked Vents

If you utilize a forced air system such as a furnace that blows air from vents, then the problem might not be with your actual system at all—rather it might be due to obstructed vents. Be sure to check that all vents are open in the rooms where temperatures feel lower. Furniture might be blocking the vents, or objects may have been placed in front of them, restricting the airflow.

Incorrect Sizing

Did you inherit your heater with your home? Or perhaps you’ve recently had a heater installed and this is the first season you’ve used it. Either way, if it is not adequately heating your home then it may not have been correctly sized for your specific household. A heaters that is too small won’t be able to effectively reach all the rooms in order to warm them.

Inadequate Insulation

How winterized is your home? If you have poorly installed or insufficient amounts of insulation, then all the heat that your system pours out won’t mean a lot—that heat will escape through your walls and windows, cracks of the doors, and even through the attic. Uneven heating is often a warning sign that something like this is occurring.

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