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Help! I Have No Hot Water

One of the most common service calls that our plumbers receive is in regards to hot water heaters. Most homeowners don’t think very much about this appliance—until something goes wrong. Think about it: could you imagine a life without hot water? These appliances make modern living what it is today.

When your hot water heater malfunctions, it’s only natural for you to want to find out what’s going on right away. You probably don’t get out of a freezing cold shower and think to yourself, “Meh, it’s tomorrow’s problem.” So be sure to call our team to schedule inspections and repairs. In the meantime, read on to learn about some probable causes for loss of hot water from your water heater.

Failed Burner or Pilot

If you have a gas-powered water heater, a burner unit below the tank contains the gas jets that ignite to transfer heat to the water in the tank. If this burner suffers from corrosion or accumulates too much dirt and debris, it won’t be able to adequately draw oxygen to ignite, and eventually the jets won’t come on at all. Failure of the pilot light will also prevent the burner from igniting.

Failed Heating Elements

Do you have an electric water heater? If so, then if the heating elements inside the tank fail, you will lose your warm water. If you notice a drop in heating, it’s important that you not ignore it—it likely means that one of the elements has burned out, and if the second one fails you’ll only have cold water left. This could be caused by a tripped circuit breaker, so be sure to check the electrical panel first.

Malfunctioning Gas Control Valve

A faulty gas control valve will cut off the gas supply to the burner, which will prevent heat from being created at all. This problem (and ones mentioned above) could also lead to lukewarm water, and not necessarily cold water. Take this as an early warning sign that something has gone wrong, and be sure to call in the professionals right away.

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