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Consider These Factors if You Need a New Heater

As winter approaches, hopefully you are well equipped with a heater that’s been maintained in the last year and is ready to take on cooler temperatures. If you aren’t, and you’re considering replacing your heater with a new system, now is the time to do so—while temperatures are still fairly mild.

A new heating system can be a huge benefit to your home’s comfort levels when winter comes, but you should do all that you can to prepare for a new heating system purchase. While you could go out and just get a newer version of the heater you currently have, you could be missing out on some great factors, such as improved efficiency, or a system more suited to your needs. Keep reading to learn more about what you should consider when purchasing a new heater.


The power levels of your heating system need to match the size of your home, but that’s not all. Our professionals also take into consideration a number of other factors when determining what size system is best for your home, such as the amount of insulation and sunlight exposure in your home.

If your heater isn’t powerful enough, then it can’t possibly work effectively. However, if it’s too powerful, then it will go through a process called short-cycling where it cycles on and off rapidly—which is highly inefficient.

AFUE Rating

AFUE ratings are given to furnaces and stand for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This measures how well your heating system uses energy. It’s a percentage telling you how much of the heater’s energy is going into actually heating your home. You’ll want to aim for the highest rating as your budget will allow.


Even if you do choose to purchase the same heating system as you had before, there are still a number of other upgrades you can make to help it function more efficiently. For example, a new digital thermostat to replace an old manual model will help you have more control over the temperature of your home. Additionally, a zone control system allows you to heat only the rooms in your home that are occupied.

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