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Why We Use Trenchless Technology


In the past, any problems with the water main leading to a house or the sewer line leading away from a house meant major damage would be inflicted on the lawn. Since it was easy to know that there was a problem but impossible to know exactly where the problem was located, long trenches had to be dug to expose the entirety of the pipe in question.

But those days are over! Today, we use trenchless technology. This means your lawn will remain undisturbed when your sewer line or water main requires repair.

Why Trenchless Is Better

First, to dig a trench through your yard, heavy equipment like excavators would need to access the area. Not only would the weight of the machinery damage the lawn, anything in the way would have to be moved. While relocating your birdbath might be a bother, relocating a tree or hedge is impossible, and your lovely flower or vegetable garden might have to be crushed under the enormous treads of the equipment. Then comes the digging. A wide trench the full distance from the house to the municipal water or sewer line would tear up a huge expanse of grass, and it might have to be several feet deep. Once the problem is located and repaired, and the trench filled back in, it could take years to get the lawn back to the condition it was in before the excavation.

In contrast, with trenchless technology in Manassas, VA, the problem is pinpointed before any digging occurs. Then, the digging can target just the problem area with no need for enormous excavators. Your birdbath, hedge, and lovely flowers will not fall victim to heavy equipment, and your lawn will recover quickly.

How Trenchless Technology Works

Have you seen a spy movie where the hero threads a tiny camera under a door or into a light fixture and is able to watch real-time video of what the bad guys are doing? Well, that’s what makes trenchless sewer or water line repair possible. In that case, the hero is your plumber, and the bad guy is whatever caused the problem, such as a burst pipe or encroaching tree roots causing damage. 

Tiny video cameras can be inserted into the plumbing of your home, and your plumber can see the insides of the pipes! When the location of the problem is determined, two small holes can be dug, one on either side of the sewer line or water main. The video camera can be lowered into the holes to get an up-close exterior view, and the plan for repair can be made with this information. And the repairs can be done by way of these small holes as well! Patching a breach in a pipe can be done easily with this limited access. Perhaps best of all, this process is much faster than bringing in heavy equipment and digging long trenches, so your home’s water or sewer functionality will be restored much more quickly. 

AllTech Services, Inc. is your trusted resource for trenchless water and sewer repair and all other plumbing needs. Contact us today!

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