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Protect Your Plumbing from These Common Clogs

preventing-plumbing-clogsOne of the most common service calls we receive is in regards to drain and pipe clogging. It’s rare that you can own a home and never have to deal with a clog of some sort. Fortunately, however, our team of professionals has the tools and skills available to effectively remove clogs from your plumbing system. We also encourage taking steps to avoid the most stubborn of clogs.

For example, we do not recommend using store-bought chemical drain cleaners to try to remove a clog of any kind. First of all, these cleaners are abrasive and can eventually lead to leaks from your piping. Additionally, store-bought liquid drain cleaning is just a temporary solution to a bigger problem that needs to be resolved at the source. Otherwise, your clog will just continue to accumulate and you could be left with a very costly and messy repair.

Common Causes for Clogs

Chances are, you don’t realize just how prone your bathroom plumbing is to clogs. Hair is a particularly harsh adversary. It gets easily trapped in the sludge that lines your piping, and can often also be found in the curved pipe section below your sink (the p-trap). Over time, hair creates a thick plug, which becomes extremely difficult for plungers to break though. Our professionals have the tools necessary to do so, however.

Soap scum is another common problem. As it begins to accumulate along the drain pipes in your bathroom or other areas of your home, it threatens the interior of your pipes by allowing clogs to form and build up.

Lastly, your kitchen plumbing is prone to clogs. There are many things that should never be put down your drain, even if you have a garbage disposal: potato peels, coffee grounds, and FOG (fats, oils, and grease) are among the common enemies to your kitchen drains.

The best way you can care for your bathroom and kitchen plumbing in Sterling, VA is by trusting the experienced professional plumbers here at AllTech Services, Inc.

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