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Hydro-Jetting: The Answer to Stubborn Clogs

woman showing plumber what's wrong with her drain pipeWe want to start this off by saying, even if your drain clog isn’t “stubborn,” it’s never a good idea to use store-bought liquid drain cleaners to resolve the issue. Sure, you’ve probably used it in the past and had “success,” but that success may have meant relieving the clog for a few months until it came back again—and you had to buy more drain cleaner!

In fact, some of these store-bought solutions even state in the instructions that you may have to use them again. That’s because they don’t actually remove the clog. They break through it so water flow gets back to an acceptable level for a while. But then the clog builds back up. What’s worse, these solutions contain corrosive chemicals, and persistent use is going to lead to Sterling, VA plumbing problems down the line.

Hydro-Jetting Is the Answer to Effective Drain Cleaning

But what is it? The simplest answer is that it’s a method of using jets of water to clear your pipes.

Wait, that’s effective? Well, yes!

If you put water under enough pressure and then blast it from a hose nozzle, the force of the water can scour away even the most stubborn build-up and blockages inside a plumbing system. The water pressure for a hydro-jetter is extremely high—at least 7500 psi.

We’ll take this opportunity to mention that only a trained and experienced professional should handle this tool! The power from this water jet is enough to remove all kinds of debris stuck to the inside of your drainpipes—grease and oil, hair, soap scum, minerals, and more. Hydro-jetting is even used to eliminate tree root growth into the sewer line.

This drain cleaning tool works through a reservoir of water, with a motor to put that water under pressure. The water is sent through a long hose inserted into the drains through a drain opening or clean-out.

A directional nozzle at the end blasts out the water in all directions. There are different types of directional nozzles to deal with specific drain blockage problems.

The Biggest Advantage of Hydro-Jetting

The biggest benefit of this drain cleaning method is how thorough it is. Motorized drain augers such as drain snakes are powerful enough that they break apart clogs. But, they usually can’t remove all the build-up on your drainpipe walls, and leave enough to allow more build-up to start again.

The scouring action of a professional grade hydro-jet removes everything and allows it to wash downstream in the plumbing system. This drain cleaning method also protects your home’s plumbing system as it doesn’t introduce any harsh chemicals like store-bought solutions do.

Again, we want to stress the importance of only trusting a pro for this job. As we described, hydro-jetters are very powerful. In fact, hydro-jetting uses in industrial settings can be strong enough to cut through metal. Therefore, we urge you to hire a pro not only to avoid injury, but also damage to your plumbing system!

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