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What Can Happen if My Furnace Filter Gets Too Clogged?

The weather has begun to cool, and we’re reminded of just how close winter is. Soon we’ll be running our heating systems on a daily basis. If you are anything like the average homeowner, it’s very likely that you have a furnace, the most popular type of home heating systems across the nation.

But before you start to use your furnace, it’s essential that you schedule preventive heating maintenance—and also that you change your air filter. This filter protects both your furnace and central air conditioner, which will have collected plenty of debris of the summer. If the air filter isn’t changed on a regular basis—every 1 to 3 months during periods of use—then you can run into problems.

What Problems Could This Cause?

One of the most extreme cases—but it does happen—of furnace emergencies due to a clogged air filter is that of a collapsed air filter that has been sucked up into the furnace via the blower fan. This can severely damage your blower motor and as such requires immediate repairs from a professional heating technician.

A clogged filter isn’t the only type that can get sucked into the furnace—this can happen with any extremely thin and/or inexpensive filter. This is particularly true if they have creases in them, aren’t put in correctly, or aren’t changed out often enough. Clogging in the filter definitely increases the chance of this occurring no matter what type of air filter it is. But nonetheless it’s wise to purchase sturdy filters that are made from polyester, rather than the thinner kind made from fiberglass.

Make sure that when you are inserting an air filter that you read the instructions carefully, noting what type of filter you have and how often it should be changed or cleaned. And if you have any questions about your air filter, our professionals are standing by and happy to help!

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