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How to Boost Heating Efficiency


One of the biggest worries of homeowners is the cost of utilities. Often, the biggest utility cost is heating your home for the winter. Obviously, it’s critical for health and safety to keep a home at a reasonable temperature. But is there any way to decrease that expense without getting indoor frostbite or risking frozen pipes?

Yes! While there’s nothing you can do about the cost of energy, there are things you can do to decrease the amount of energy your home needs to keep cozy. We’ve got some tips for you that can help you save money this winter without sacrificing comfort.

Ceiling Fans

How much time do you spend sitting around on your ceiling? Not much, you say? Well, that’s where it’s warmest. How do you get that warmth back down where you need it? Make sure the little switch on your ceiling fan that changes the direction of the spin is set to clockwise. Now, when you turn the fan on, it will push the warm air downward where you can enjoy it.

Turn the Thermostat Down

We know—we promised you wouldn’t have frostbite or frozen pipes. You won’t need to wear all your sweaters at once, either. But now that your ceiling fans are helping to distribute the heat better, you can probably get away with setting your thermostat two or three degrees lower without feeling any chillier at all!

Use Thermostat Settings

Perhaps your thermostat is programmable, or it’s a smart thermostat you can adjust from your phone. But even if it’s just a manual dial, this is something to keep in mind. When you’re out for the day, or away for a weekend or vacation, make sure the heat is turned down. Just don’t turn it any lower than 55°, to keep those pipes flowing. Program the thermostat to warm the house back up in time for your return, or just expect it to be chilly for a bit when you first get home if you can’t program the thermostat. You can also get away with keeping the heat lower overnight, when you’re cozy in bed anyway.

Shut Doors

Of course, you always shut your doors. But how well do they shut? Are there gaps? Consider getting weather stripping for the bottom, or a simple door snake to push against the gap.

Control Windows

Again, are there drafty places? Storm windows, plastic window coverings, and foam or caulk weather stripping wedged in the breezy spots can make a huge difference. You know what else can make a huge difference? Passive solar gain! Make sure curtains and blinds are wide open when the sun is hitting those windows so you can soak up the warmth just like a greenhouse.

Changing Air Filters

Don’t let your heater struggle to force air through an inch-thick cake of dust! Change your air filter every 1–3 months to keep your heater working easily and efficiently.

Regular Maintenance

Every year a heating system is unmaintained, it loses a percent of its efficiency. By cleaning out dust and debris, lubricating moving parts, and tightening and recalibrating everything, a heating technician can bring up your heater’s efficiency dramatically. And if you need furnace repair in Sterling, VA, be sure to get it done promptly. A heater that’s struggling to work is very inefficient.

With these helpful tips, you can keep your heating bills more reasonable, and still feel toasty at home all winter long.

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