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Air Conditioning Emergencies: Loud Noises Coming from Your System

Your air conditioner makes noise. This is no secret. Surely that should never qualify as an emergency right? Well, if the noise is loud and unfamiliar, it just might. Be sure to stay aware and note when your AC system has started to operate at a much louder volume than normal.

Also, it’s important to understand what certain noises can mean and what’s causing them. A loud grinding noise or clanging noise can mean that you have a loose component while a mechanical screeching noise can be the sign of lubricant wearing down on a component. We’ve listed some common problems that can create loud noises below.

Compressor Motor: One of the most important components in your air conditioner is the compressor. It houses a motor that can start rattling and making loud noises if it’s experiencing problems. This can also be accompanied by a reduction in the amount of cooling that your air conditioner can provide. Typically, if the compressor motor is the problem, you’ll hear a loud noise during system start up and shut down.

Fan Motor: There is a fan motor both in the inside unit of your air conditioner as well as the outdoor unit. Both of these motors can start to make a variety of sounds, including grinding, which is typically a sign that the bearings are bad or that they need lubrication.

Debris: If you notice a loud rattling noise coming from your AC system it might be that there is a branch or some other type of debris stuck in the fan blades. Be sure to shut the system off immediately if you hear any sort of rattling as debris or even a loose AC component can severely damage your system.

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