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Is Your Sump Pump Working Correctly?

If your Virginia home has a sump pump operating in its basement or another location, you need it to function reliably at all times in order to keep unwanted leaking water out of your home. If your sump pump starts to malfunctioning, you need to call in a professional right way so that your home’s foundation doesn’t sustain serious flooding damage. But how do you know if you have a problem? Keep reading for some signs that your sump pump may not be functioning as it should.

No Noise Coming from Sump Pump

It may seem counter-intuitive that silence means something is going wrong. However, your pump should be making its operating noise when it is supposed to be working. If it’s not, it’s likely the motor has burned out. This most often occurs because the original pump didn’t have enough power to handle the amount of water leaking into your home. As a result, you’ll need a sump pump replacement.

Pump Doesn’t Turn on When Water Reaches High Level

Sump pumps are equipped with a switch that turns on whenever the water reaches a certain level. There is a float in the pump similar to the float inside a toilet tank that detects the water level. This is what activates the switch. If your sump pump isn’t turning on when it should, then either the switch or the float may have a malfunction.

Your Pump Operates, but the Water Level Doesn’t Change

There are various possible reasons for this issue. The most common cause is a clogged intake on the sump pump from sediment and debris inside the water. This will cause your pump to burn out eventually from being overworked. Another common reason for this issue is a drainage system problem.

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