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When Is It Time to Call a Plumber?

pipe-leaking-water-and-homeowner-looking-at-it-while-on-phoneIt can be difficult to determine if your plumbing system is in good shape at any given moment. Most homeowners don’t even think about their plumbing systems much at all, as long as the pipes keep working for them the way they always do. After all, “out of sight, out of mind”! Unfortunately, this is not a great attitude to have with your plumbing system.

At one time or another, your pipes are likely to develop some type of problem, whether it’s a minor leak or clog or something worse. When this does inevitably happen, it’s important that you have it managed quickly, so you can avoid the worst of the damage. Read on to learn about some of the warning signs that your system is in trouble and it’s time to give our team a call.

A Drop in Water Pressure

A decline in the water pressure coming out of your faucets and from your plumbing appliances is a pretty clear sign that your plumbing system isn’t performing as it should. This is typically caused by one of two possible things—a clog or a leak. The more severe the problem is, the more water pressure you’ll lose.

A steady decline in water pressure over time indicates you have a problem that’s progressing gradually. This is probably a small pinhole leak or limescale buildup. Sudden pressure loss, however, usually means you’ve had a pipe rupture, and this requires an urgent fix.

Regardless of the cause, a drop in water pressure is definitely something you should have investigated right away, and a sure reason to call in a pro.

An Increase in Your Monthly Water Bills

Your water bills will naturally fluctuate throughout the year, month to month. However, if you notice that your water bills have started spiking a bit, even if you aren’t using any more water than usual, you probably want to have one of our professional plumbers take a look.

Typically, unusually high water bills mean there is water leaving your plumbing system through a leak. You can actually check to see if this is the case! Turn off all the plumbing appliances in your home, then go look at your water meter. If you discover it’s still running after 15 minutes or so, then it’s a sign you have water leaving the system somewhere. You’ll need to have a pro take a look to properly locate and address the leak.

Visible Water Damage

In the worst cases, you’ll actually see water damage. Unfortunately, this often is the first sign that homeowners notice they even have a plumbing problem at all. This is usually the case with pinhole leaks, which are often too small to cause immediate damage. However, they tend to start rotting out the drywall and/or flooring around it.

If you notice any water spots on your walls, floor, or ceiling, we urge you to give us a call right away. Visible water damage is usually a sign that there is more extensive damage elsewhere, whether it’s a leak behind drywall or a slab leak beneath the foundation of your home.

To get in touch with a reliable plumber in Woodbridge, VA, contact AllTech Services, Inc. today!

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