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Subtle Signs You May Have a Plumbing Leak

white-pipe-with-blue-cloth-tied-around-itAs a homeowner, we are sure that you must have faced some kind of plumbing issue over the years. When you think of the most expensive plumbing problems, things like burst pipes or other major faults might come to your mind. You would be surprised to learn that “minor leaks” could be some of the most formidable problems you can face.

Minor leaks can make you feel like they are not that big an issue. However, these minor leaks can result in expensive repairs, a substantial increase in water bills, and more. Unfortunately, it is difficult to notice the signs of these leaks until they have already done significant damage.

We have written this post to help you detect the subtle signs you may have a plumbing leak so you can call a plumber in Leesburg, VA, to come in and make the repairs without delay.

Subtle Signs You May Have a Plumbing Leak

You do not need to wait around to see the most glaring and noticeable signs to detect a possible plumbing leak in your home. Sometimes, the problem is not that obvious at first, and it eventually becomes worse. Here are the subtle signs you may have a plumbing leak that can help you detect the problem before the leak does too much damage.

1. Inexplicable sound of running water

Have you ever noticed any sounds of running water in your home when the taps, faucets, or appliances in your home are not in use? It could be a sign that there is a sizeable leak invisible to the naked eye. A leak in an area you cannot see might be causing a lot of water to leak out and create the sound of running water.

2. Noticeable yet subtle change in water pressure

Has there been a noticeable yet subtle change in the water pressure from any of the outlets in your home? One of the subtle signs that you may have a plumbing leak is a change in water pressure. A leak somewhere in the plumbing could be reducing the water pressure because it is spilling out somewhere before it can come out of the outlet.

3. Knocking sounds in the pipes

Have you noticed a loud noticeable knocking sound whenever you turn off the water? If that is the case, your plumbing might be suffering from water hammer. Water hammer is caused by a valve suddenly shutting down and forcing water to bang into the valve. It could be a sign of a leak that you should call in a professional to address as soon as possible.

4. Running water meter when you’re not using water

If you suspect a plumbing leak, checking the water meter could help confirm it. Turn off all the appliances that use water and the water fixtures around your house, then check the water meter. If there is no leak, the water meter should stay where it is after an hour. If you notice that the water meter has moved, it is a sign that there is a leak somewhere in the house.

5. Higher-than-average water bills

Have you noticed your average water bill getting higher each month? It could be a sign that there is a minor leak in your plumbing that is not visible enough for you to see.

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