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No, Your Pipes Shouldn’t Be Knocking

two copper pipes running parallel to each otherHave you ever been drifting off to sleep only to have the quiet interrupted by a soft but persistent knocking sound that seems to be coming from your walls? Don’t worry—your house isn’t haunted … probably. But that doesn’t mean this is a problem to be ignored, though it may seem easy to do so at first. The thing is, this noise will grow with each night until it will eventually start keeping you awake. At least, this is the case with knocking pipes.

If you suspect you have knocking pipes, it’s important to get a Waterford, VA plumber in to do a thorough check of your plumbing system. Addressing problems as soon as they arise is essential to preventing larger emergencies later on down the line. But why would your pipes experience this phenomenon in the first place?

Variable Water Pressure

In most cases, knocking pipes are the result of variable water pressure in the main water supply lines coming into your home. This pressure is vital to your plumbing, as it keeps the water moving freely between the pipes and into your faucets. But when the air used in pressurizing those pipes leaks, or if it’s depleted, then water moves suddenly and violently, creating the knocking sound as it travels through the length of your water supply lines.

Can It Be Fixed?

Yes, and fortunately it’s rather easy. In fact, you can probably do it on your own—although if you haven’t had a plumbing maintenance appointment in awhile or you’re nervous about managing your own plumbing, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

First, turn off your main water supply valve. Be sure that first you let everyone in your household know you’re shutting off the valve, since it will stop all the water coming in. Next, flush the lines by opening all of the faucets and flushing your toilets. Water can still leave your home through drainage pipes, which ensures all the supply lines are fully empty.

Once your pipes are clear, turn your main water valve back on—but be sure to do it slowly! This will ensure that the air chambers between and around your plumbing have time to refill before the water flows back into them. Now that your pipes are fully emptied, the knocking sound should be gone.

A Few Factors to Consider

As we mentioned above, you may not even need a plumber in order to resolve your knocking pipes. But if you have any trouble locating your main valve or shutting it off, our team can certainly be helpful, using the proper tools and having the right know-how for various types of shutoff valves.

One last thing to keep in mind: if you live in an apartment complex or other type of shared space, you may not be able to do all of this on your own. Instead, you should get in contact with your landlord or superintendent to make sure they know what’s going on—they might have experienced this before (particularly if it’s an older building) and can probably help out!

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