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Is Your Toilet Continually Running?

resolving-toilet-troublesWe have a question for you: Has your toilet been running nonstop lately? No, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke, we promise. We are asking you this question because if your toilet is running for hours after it is flushed, or seems to be running all the time of its own volition, it is the sign of a problem. Always-running toilets are ones that will require professional toilet repair in Ashburn ASAP.

A toilet that is always running is a toilet that is leaking. This is not good for your home’s operation for one and your monthly water bills for another. If you are noticing that your toilet never quite seems to stop running, make sure you reach out to AllTech Services, Inc. for assistance sooner than later.

What Does It Mean When My Toilet Is “Running?”

When we are discussing a “running” toilet we obviously aren’t referring to a toilet that is participating in a marathon. The term refers to when your toilet is refilling the bowl and tank after the toilet has been flushed—and it never seems to stop. This could indicate an issue in the tank or in your toilet bowl. In either case, it means there is a leak somewhere in your toilet that is creating a pull for extra water.

What Is Making Your Toilet Run?

Obviously your toilet using up extra water is a problem. The question is what is causing your toilet to run? There is more than one problem that may develop that can lead to the need for repairing a leak. This can include:

  • You have a bad flapper in your tank: The flapper that is inside of your toilet tank is responsible for allowing water to flow into the bowl and then closing off that water flow once enough water has poured in. Flappers wear out over time and are one of the main causes of running toilets.
  • There is a leak: If you notice standing water around your toilet, you will want to look for leaks. We say leaks because your toilet can develop a leak in more than one spot. If you have an especially old toilet, you may have a leak in the bowl itself or the tank. You may also need to check for leaks in the seal around the toilet’s base.
  • An issue in the float ball: The float ball is a part of your toilet tank. It sinks down into the tank to open the valve that allows your toilet tank to be filled up. If the float ball isn’t working right, the valve won’t fully close which will cause water to keep flowing into the toilet tank.

If there is a problem with your toilet, the sooner you take care of it the better. We can be your resource for all your plumbing services including toilet repairs. We have a great reputation for providing services that offer great value.

Contact AllTech Services, Inc. to get the plumbing repairs that you need.

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