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Does Your Ductwork Need Help?


The ductwork in your home might not come to mind when you’re thinking about the maintenance and repairs that might help make your house the comforting sanctuary you want it to be. After all, ducts are in your walls and attic, not in plain sight, and you know what they say: out of sight, out of mind. But there are some reasons why you should keep your ductwork in mind. Read on to find out how to gauge the well-being of your ducts, and what to do if there is a problem.

What Causes Duct Problems?

The main issue with ductwork is leakage: cracks, holes, or other places where your conditioned air can seep out. Many things can cause a leak to start in your ducts:

  • Age: Central air conditioning and its associated ductwork became common in the 1970s. Original ductwork from decades ago has had a long time to deteriorate.
  • Temperature Fluctuation: As ducts are warmed and cooled, they expand and contract. Over time this can lead to cracking.
  • Improper Installation: A duct could have been damaged before you even started using it.
  • Physical Damage: This could be accidentally caused during home renovations, or by pests such as rodents.

How Can I Tell There’s a Problem?

The only way to be sure of the condition of your ductwork is to have it professionally inspected. If you do this annually, any leaks can be addressed before they cause big problems. But you can be aware of certain clues that can signal a possible duct leak. Here are things to keep an eye out for:

  • Your AC is Struggling: Maybe the airflow is measly, or the air isn’t cold enough. Maybe the filters need to be changed constantly, or it keeps requiring repairs.
  • Your Bills are Increasing: Higher energy bills can indicate a lack of efficiency, such as conditioned air being released in unoccupied spaces of your home. If the leak has been there for a while, though, you might not see a change in your bills.
  • Your Indoor Air Quality is Lacking: When conditioned air can escape out of ducts, other things can also make their way in, such as pollen, dust, or even fibers from insulation.

How Do I Address a Duct Problem?

If you think you might need air duct repair in Sterling, VA, the first step is to schedule an inspection. A qualified, highly-trained member of our team can determine exactly what’s wrong, and where in your system the problem exists. In the case of isolated problems, such as damage in certain areas of otherwise-intact ductwork, those areas can be repaired. Not with duct tape, though! Because of the temperature fluctuations of ductwork, duct tape degrades quickly. Professional-grade sealant made of mastic is much better able to seal ducts, and it lasts a long time. In the case of ductwork that is degraded throughout, our team can assess what needs to be replaced and help you find the solution that fits your home and your budget.

AllTech Services, Inc. is your trusted resource for reliable duct repair and replacement. Contact us today!

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