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Why Does My Furnace Seem to Run All the Time?


You might have experienced furnace problems in the past that involved the furnace not coming on. That’s a big problem, because you simply won’t get any heat! But there’s another symptom of furnace problems that’s pretty much the opposite: the furnace not turning off. What could be making your furnace run all the time? What should you do about it? We’ve got you covered.

First Things First: Check the Filter

Your furnace has a filter that catches dust and debris to prevent it from gumming up the inner workings of the system. This filter should be changed every month when the furnace is seeing heavy use or if your home is particularly dusty due to shedding pets, nearby construction, or other causes. Under less-dusty conditions or lighter use, it should still be changed every three months.

Many furnace issues can be caused by a clogged filter, and it’s an easy thing to check and remedy yourself. Remove the filter. If it’s disposable, replace it. If it’s reusable, wash it and let it dry completely before sliding it back into place. If you’re not sure what type of filter you have, or are unsure how to change it, check your owner’s manual or reach out to us for guidance. 

Check Whether Only Part of the System Is Running

Is the furnace itself running, while the fan is not? Make sure the fan is set to auto or on and not off. If it’s still not turning on, the blower motor is probably the culprit. Your furnace is producing heat, but that heat isn’t being distributed, leaving your home chilly and your thermostat continually calling for more heat. You need heating repair in Sterling, VA to fix or replace that motor.

Is it just that the fan is running, even when the furnace is not? Check this by switching the fan to the off setting. Perhaps an accidental elbow, curious pet, or mischievous child set the fan to on when you’re accustomed to keeping it set to auto

Check Thermostat Settings

Another simple thing to check is whether the thermostat is set to a higher-than-necessary temperature. If the system is straining to keep your home at that temperature, you might find it’ll work properly if you lower the temp a few degrees. Maximize the impact of that warmth by using ceiling fans clockwise at low speed and sealing drafty gaps around windows and doors. 

It’s also possible that while the thermostat is set to a perfect temperature, it is miscalibrated or malfunctioning and is calling for heat when it shouldn’t be. A technician can inspect and recalibrate or repair your thermostat. 

Check Your Vents

If the air coming from your vents is lukewarm or flowing slowly, either in specific spots or throughout the home, you might have a duct leak. Your furnace could be producing plenty of hot air, but if ducts are cracked or torn or a section has become disconnected, that hot air will be lost to places like your attic while your furnace keeps trying to heat your home. 

Whatever the potential cause, if you can’t resolve the problem quickly on your own, you need heating repair before the strain of running constantly causes a complete furnace breakdown. 

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