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Why Ductless Heating Installation Requires a Pro

technician-installing-ductless-air-handlerIf you’ve come across this blog post and decided to read through it, there’s a good chance you’re looking to accomplish comfort and savings out of your HVAC system. A ductless heating (and cooling) system, is definitely a good choice, then!

This system’s setup is similar to that of a standard central air conditioner in that it involves an outdoor unit and refrigerant lines that transfer heat in order to bring cooling into your home. But wait, we’re talking about heating right?

That’s the difference with the ductless system, right there. The refrigerant process can be reversed to bring in effective heat! And of course, another thing that makes the setup different is that there isn’t one single indoor unit, rather there are up to 4 individual air handlers connected to one outdoor unit.

This is where the unique needs of a ductless system come in—unique needs you might not ever need to face so long as you have your ductless system professionally installed. Read on to learn more!

Avoid These Problems with Professional Ductless Installation

Aside from routine maintenance, the best way to avoid heating repairs in Ashburn, VA is to trust a professional for the installation. It’s so much more involved than most homeowners realize—and about so much more than simply swapping out an old HVAC system and putting a new one in its place. This is especially true with ductless systems, particularly if you’ve never had one before. Without proper installation, you can run into:

  • Water Leaks Behind the Air Handlers: Each individual air handler is connected to the outdoor unit of a ductless system via a conduit containing a power line, refrigerant line, and condensate line. If not properly installed, the condensate line can leak. This will result in a collection of water behind the air handler, weakening the wall material and causing the air handler to split from the wall. This will of course damage the drywall of your home, but also probably break the air handler.
  • Broken Air Handlers: Speaking of broken air handlers, we do have some good news here. If a single air handler breaks, you can still use the rest of the system! Of course, we understand this isn’t ideal and that you’ll want repairs done right away—but at least in the meantime, you can go to another room in your home while you wait for repairs to be done on the affected unit.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: This isn’t a problem that is unique to ductless systems—it can happen with any refrigerant-based appliance. However, what makes it unique with ductless systems is the fact that the refrigerant lines run behind your drywall. This means that whether it’s in gas or liquid form, you could have harmful, toxic material enter your living space. This is very unlikely, of course, but the best way to avoid it is by having your ductless heating and cooling system installed by a trained and experienced professional, to begin with.

When you’re ready to call on a pro for your ductless system installation, our number is the one to call! Contact AllTech Services, Inc. today.

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