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What Grade Would You Give Your Furnace?

gas-furnace-stock-image-on-white-backgroundWinter has officially begun as of just a few short weeks ago, though around here we’ve been experiencing chillier temperatures for a few months already. Hopefully, your furnace has been behaving itself and giving you powerful, efficient heat. But what if it’s not? What needs to happen to get better results?

Read on to learn how to rate your system, and what to do if your furnace is getting a failing grade.


This means you’re in great shape! Your furnace is providing you with reliable heat that’s successfully reaching the temperature you set on the thermostat. You don’t have uneven heating anywhere in your home and you don’t hear any odd sounds coming from the system. Additionally, you haven’t needed to call for repairs yet this season, and you probably scheduled maintenance with us during the fall to prevent that from happening.


Okay, well … not bad! But if you’re giving your furnace a “B,” there has to be a reason you’re going down a notch. Did it struggle to start up when you first started using it? Have you noticed that the heat from your furnace doesn’t seem to quite be reaching a room near the back of your house? Maybe your last energy bill was a little higher than you would have expected, meaning that there could be an efficiency problem starting. Fortunately, all you need to do is give our number a call for an inspection.


We’re venturing into rocky territory now. Have you already needed to call for repairs this season? Maybe your home doesn’t seem to warm up as fast as it used to in years prior or you hear odd noises coming from the unit that coincide with suspicious performance. If you’re overall just not satisfied with how your furnace is operating, even if it’s still operational and providing some heat, it’s enough of a reason to give us a call.


What takes a furnace from a “C” to a “D”? Has your heater been tripping its circuit breaker? Maybe you aren’t getting any heat to a particular section or room in your home—this is a sign that you have damaged ductwork, or in the case of a zone control system, perhaps a stuck damper. These are both scenarios that will affect your central air conditioner as well, so you’ll want to get them taken care of right away.

Another thing to keep in mind is if your heater is over a decade old and experiencing operational problems, it’s probably time to consider a replacement or upgrade.


That’s it, your furnace doesn’t turn on at all. You’ve called us for repairs … but this is for a 10–15-year-old system that’s had multiple performance problems in recent years. Maybe you call for repairs every few months. Maybe your energy bills have skyrocketed during this winter. Perhaps your aging furnace is always making noises.

If you’d give your furnace a failing grade, then it’s time to look at your replacement options—and we are here to help!

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