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The #1 Way to Prevent Heating Repair Needs


An effective heating system is what keeps your home comfortable and livable—especially in the colder months. Even in the warmer months, heat is sometimes needed to keep the house warm at night. Without a functioning heating system, your house could get uncomfortably chilly—no matter the time of year. 

You always want the sure that your furnace or heat pump can heat your home effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, you may not even know if your heating system is on the fritz until it’s too late. If your heating system needs repairs, you may not be aware until your heat bills start rising or there’s a safety issue. So, what’s the number one way to prevent this from happening? Heating maintenance. 

What is Heating Maintenance?

Heating Maintenance is the most effective way to keep your house warm and prevent your heating system from deteriorating on you. The maintenance is a once per year checkup, performed by a professional, that addresses any small issues in the heating system. This maintenance could consist of fixing loose screws, cleaning the system of any dirt or debris, fixing any leaks, etc. This annual maintenance is essential for preventing your heater from aging out too quickly on you. 

Best Benefits of Heating Maintenance

As mentioned previously, heating maintenance can greatly benefit your home’s heating system. Here are some of the best benefits of heater maintenance:

  1. Heating Maintenance can prevent future repair needs- An annual heating maintenance service with a professional will address any minor issues before they grow into full-scale problems that require expensive repairs. Find a trusted heating professional to take care of your annual maintenance and save money on future repairs. For professional heating repair and maintenance services in Fairfax, VA–contact AllTech Services, Inc. 
  1. Maintenance can save money on monthly heating expenses- You heard that right, maintenance can actually help lower the cost of your monthly heating bill! Heater efficiency often deteriorates as it ages, which means it needs to use more and more energy to heat your house up. This in turn raises the cost of your monthly heat bill. Maintenance helps to prevent this deterioration process and helps your heating system retain efficiency. The system won’t have to work as hard to warm your house, which will help lower the cost of that monthly heating bill.
  1. Regular maintenance keeps you and your family safe- Not performing maintenance on your home’s heating system can actually pose a risk for the safety of anyone in your home. This is especially true for gas heating systems, but it is still a safety risk for all other heating systems as well. Yearly maintenance can help spot and repair any safety risks, keeping you and your family safe.

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Our experienced professionals have the knowledge, resources, and skills to keep your heating system in tip-top shape. 

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