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It’s That Time, Schedule Your Heating Tune-Up! Here’s Why

technician-working-on-furnaceGiven how warm our summers get, it can be very welcoming when fall arrives and we can turn off our air conditioners for a while and instead enjoy sitting in our homes with our windows and doors open to let in some fresh air.

But it’s November now, and temperatures are quickly cooling, letting us all know that wintertime is right around the corner, and pretty soon we’ll need our heating system on a daily and hourly basis. Is yours ready?

If you’re unsure of how to answer that, it probably means that it’s time for you to schedule a maintenance tune-up. This is a service we recommend you get in the beginning of fall each year, before you need your heating system the most. Maintenance helps your heater work as effectively and efficiently as possible, for as long as possible, which we’ll get into below. Read on as we uncover why now is a great time to schedule your heating tune-up!

Keep Your Heater Working Safely

This tip is especially important if you have a gas-powered furnace in your household. Now, these heaters are not inherently dangerous. After all, their current safeguards and designs make them safer than ever. However, there is always a potential for problems when natural gas is involved, and this is especially true if you don’t have your furnace routinely maintained. We inspect every component of your heater during maintenance, including the gas lines and the heat exchangers that collect combustion gases. Without these checks, you risk an unknown gas leak and potential carbon monoxide exposure and poisoning.

There are, of course, safety measures you can take too, such as having CO detectors installed to alert you to a carbon monoxide leak. However, we’d like to help you avoid this problem altogether!

Prevent Most Repair Needs

Did you know you can potentially avoid up to 85% of the repair needs your heater might ever need in its lifespan with routine maintenance? How this works is that during maintenance, we do a thorough inspection, and during that inspection we’re able to catch signs of wear and tear and small repair needs. Once we alert you, you can get repair services on your schedule right away, before they have a chance to grow into bigger emergencies.

For example, one natural part of wear and tear is worn-down motor bearings that need to either be replaced or re-lubricated. This is an easy fix for our professionals! But if the problem goes ignored, then friction will increase until it causes the motor to overheat and potentially burn out, meaning you have to replace the entire motor plus other related components—which is, of course, a much more involved and expensive repair need.

Run Your Heater Efficiently

By reducing wear and tear on your system and by having it professionally cleaned every year, your heater is able to work more efficiently. It won’t have to run as long to achieve the desired temperature setting on your thermostat, and therefore won’t drain as much energy or cost as much to use!

For professional and reliable heater maintenance in Gainesville, contact AllTech Services, Inc. 

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