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“My Heater Isn’t Working Right, What’s Going On?”

technician-working-on-heaterThe official end of winter may be less than a month away, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of cooler temperatures ahead. So, the last thing you need to deal with is a heater that can break down at any moment. But if you don’t know the signs of a heater that needs repair, you could very well find yourself facing this scenario.

Experts state that it’s important to repair a heating system as soon as you notice a problem so you can avoid a bigger emergency and higher repair costs later down the road. Also, the sooner you repair a malfunctioning heater, the lower your monthly bills may be, and the longer your system will last. Read on to see if any of these problems describe what’s going on with your heater, and be sure to call our team to schedule your repairs!

You Hear Strange Sounds Coming From the Cabinet or the Vents

What makes it hard for most homeowners to detect heating system malfunctions is that it can be easy to ignore problems that aren’t really “getting in your way.” A strange sound from the cabinet or thinking you hear a rattling noise from the vent might be something that’s a little bothersome, but something that’s easy for you to neglect since you’re not around it all the time.

However, this can be an indication of a serious issue. A buzzing noise may indicate something electrical is going on, while a screech may signal a worn-out belt that could break at any moment. A pop or bang could even be dangerous, possibly damaging the heat exchanger when it happens.

You’re Spending Too Much on Heating

Perhaps the problem you noticed is that your heating bills are much higher than they should be. If you find yourself spending far more than you did last year around the same time, or significantly more than your neighbors are paying for comparable use, then you should suspect a problem. You may also notice that your heating system is running nonstop rather than cycling properly, which should be checked out ASAP.

It Won’t Get Warm No Matter How High You Turn Up the Thermostat

Does it seem like no matter how high you turn up your thermostat, it’s still not warm enough? This is obviously a problem. Chances are, too, that the problem has nothing to do with the thermostat itself.

Your heating system keeps running until it meets your preferred setting… but if something is wrong and the signals are crossed, it will never be able to do this. Therefore your heater will wear down quickly and you’ll likely have to replace the system prematurely.

Your Heater Is Going Through Brief, Sporadic Cycles

This process is called short-cycling, and it is something that should never be ignored. When your furnace short-cycles, it is not running long enough to complete a heating cycle. Worse yet, it’s using too much energy every time that it has to stop and start again.

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