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Ductless System Facts You Need to Know

ductless-system-air-handler-with-remotePerhaps you’ve already heard of the many benefits of ductless systems. How they are year-round systems that are highly efficient, saving energy and money. How the reverse flow of refrigerant allows them to be efficient air conditioners as well as very effective heaters, depending on the time of year.

There are many reasons to have a ductless system installed in your home. There are also quite a few reasons you should only ever trust a professional for that installation job. Keep reading to learn about what you should know about these systems—particularly, what type of unique repair needs that can crop up if the ductless system isn’t professionally installed.

Water Leaks behind Air Handlers

A ductless system is comprised of a single outdoor unit and up to 4 wall-mounted air handlers. Each of these air handlers contains a series of connections, routed through a hold behind each air handler, and includes a power line, refrigerant line, and condensate line. This last line is responsible for removing water moisture from the cooling process so that moisture doesn’t enter your living space instead.

It’s possible for the condensate line to leak. And when water, or some other fluid (like refrigerant, which we’ll talk about in a moment), begins developing between the air handler and the wall, the material of that wall will start weakening. Eventually, this causes the air handler to rip away from the wall, and likely fall. Of course, this damages not only your home, but it will very likely damage the air handler itself, too—which brings us to our next point.

Broken Air Handler

There’s bad news—the fact that part of your system is broken—and good news associated with a broken air handler. The good news is that if a single air handler breaks down, perhaps due to a failed motor or some other type of isolated problem, the remaining air handlers throughout your home will still continue to run.

The only part of your home that loses cooling or heating is the room that houses the broken air handler. This actually is somewhat of a benefit when it comes to ductless systems. When your central heating or cooling system breaks down, you have to sit in discomfort while you wait for repairs. But with a ductless system, you can simply wait in another room of your home and still enjoy the comfort that comes from a professionally installed and serviced HVAC system.

Refrigerant Leaks

We alluded to this above. Refrigerant leaks are one of those things that can afflict any type of air conditioner—but the risk is a bit higher with a ductless system due to where your refrigerant lines run. When you have a refrigerant leak with a ductless system, you risk allowing this liquid into and onto the walls of your home. We can’t stress enough how important professional service is to ensure something like this doesn’t happen.

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