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The Steps of Professional Air Conditioner Installation

outside-unit-of-air-conditioner-with-techs-workingWhen you first read the title of this blog post, you might have thought, “Wow, they’re going to tell me how to install an air conditioner? What a great way to save money!”

That’s not our goal here. In fact, trying to install a central air conditioning system on your own could end up costing way more than you were planning on spending, both with the initial purchase of your air conditioner and in the long run.

This is because an improperly installed system might not be sized correctly to begin with, meaning you won’t have an efficient system, and it could even break down quicker than it would otherwise. No, we’re sharing the steps of professional air conditioner installation with you so that you understand how important it is that you hire a pro for this job. Read on to learn more!

Step #1: We Remove the Old System

This probably sounds like a simple enough step, right? But it’s not quite as simple as taking out the old system and tossing it out. In fact, central air conditioning systems have a number of components that require proper disposal. Refrigerant is included in this—our professional technicians know how to properly and safely dispose of this.

Removing the old air conditioner can actually be the toughest and most laborious part of a new AC installation. This is because we have to take care that nothing is knocked out of place; this includes electrical wiring as well as the ductwork. Your ductwork needs to be in great shape for both your central AC and your furnace, so this is important.

Step #2: We Make the Appropriate Connections

Once your new central AC system is in place, our technicians will need to connect it to the components it needs in order to operate. This includes the aforementioned electrical components and ductwork.

Sometimes, ductwork will need to be moved around in order to connect it to a new system. Our professionals have the know-how to do this without damaging anything else in the process.

Step #3: We Test the Air Conditioner

What kind of HVAC professionals would we be if we put your air conditioner in place, plugged it in, then called it a day? Not very good ones, actually!

Testing your air conditioner’s functionality may be the most important part of installation. We’ll turn the system on and measure the intake as well as the airflow to make sure everything is operating as it should.

We will ensure there are no safety hazards, plus we will make sure the system is doing everything it is meant to.

These three steps really provide a general overview of what happens during an air conditioner installation. The whole process actually starts before we even bring your new air conditioner to your home. We do something called a cooling load calculation to make sure the system is properly sized, plus we’ll talk to you about your central cooling options. While a traditional central system is a great option for many households, there are benefits to going with a ductless or heat pump system instead. We’re here to cover all your options.

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