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There’s No Time Like the Present for AC Maintenance!


As we progress into spring, there’s no better time to start talking about, and scheduling, Sterling, VA air conditioning maintenance. Warmer weather really isn’t that too far off, and when the temperature rises, it often does so with little warning.

So of course, it makes sense that you want to ensure your cooling system is prepared to do its job all summer long. The only way to do this is by scheduling your routine air conditioning maintenance before you need your cooling system on a daily basis.

The Importance of Spring AC Maintenance

Arranging for any home service is usually at least a minor hassle—we get it. You may be thinking, “I’ll just skip my AC maintenance this one year,” especially if nothing seems to be apparently wrong with the system.

Even if nothing is wrong currently, it’s usually for one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve kept up with your regular maintenance appointments until now, or,
  2. There is actually a problem with your air conditioner but it hasn’t shown any outward signs yet.

Whichever the reason, you can see the importance of keeping up with your annual spring maintenance.

Rely On Consistent Air Conditioning System Performance

When you schedule routine AC maintenance, you can count on dependable cooling system performance. When properly installed and serviced, your cooling system should have no problem living up to, or even beyond, its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan and past its warranty as well. Speaking of warranties, it is usually required to have yearly maintenance done to avoid rendering the warranty void.

During your spring maintenance appointment, the inspections, cleaning, adjustments, and general tune-up will help the system work easier. Your system won’t wear down as quickly, which translates into a long service life. Plus, it won’t cost as much to run, keeping its efficiency rating high during the lifecycle of the system.

Avoid Costly Repairs and Unexpected Breakdowns

Many of the problems that your air conditioner may face during its lifecycle won’t create obvious signs when they first begin. Problems tend to build up slowly, creating chain reactions in other components until the problem grows larger and becomes more expensive to fix. Routine maintenance gives HVAC professionals the chance to give your air conditioner a close inspection to look for places where repairs are needed to prevent further issues.

Having this service conducted in the springtime leaves you with plenty of time to schedule any potential repairs so your cooling system can head into the summer in top shape. Plus, these repairs will help head off the worst of all potential AC troubles: a sudden system failure during a hot day, trapping your home without cooling.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment

Having spring maintenance done for your air conditioner is not as big of a hassle as you may imagine, so long as you have the right HVAC professionals working with you. Our team of highly trained technicians provides exceptional AC services throughout Sterling and beyond.

Contact AllTech Services, Inc today to schedule dependable air conditioner maintenance services.

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