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Have You Tested Your Sump Pump This Season?

Monday, November 25th, 2019

sump-pump-systemWhen you think of winter, what comes to your mind? Colder weather may be one, but you also probably think of rain, storms, and even snowmelt. Winter is quite the season for us here, and weather events can lead to flooding dangers that can lead to significant damage to homes in our area, including yours. Of course, you can protect your home against flooding with one very important system—the sump pump.

If your home already has a sump pump, you’re in good shape! But, you need to check and make sure it’s actually ready to do its job if needed. Since your sump pump only comes on occasionally, during an emergency, it’s important to know if it’s ready to do its job at any giving moment. Keep reading as we help you give your sump pump a short inspection and a test. You’ll learn ahead of time if you need sump pump repairs, or even if you should start looking into an upgrade.

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“My Heat Pump is Losing Refrigerant, Is That Bad?”

Monday, November 11th, 2019

refrigerant-lineIf you discover a leak in a car tire, you go to a mechanic or a tire shop, right? How about a pipe leak? You’d call a plumber. So, what about when you have a refrigerant leak?

The thing is, many homeowners think that it’s okay to lose refrigerant—that it’s something that comes natural with the operation of their heat pump or air conditioning system. But in actuality, losing refrigerant is just as detrimental, if not more so, to your air conditioner as losing air in a car tire is to your vehicle.

If you suspect your air conditioner is losing refrigerant, rather than just ignoring it, we urge you to call our pros right away. We’ve given a rundown of why, below.

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