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What Are the Best Ways to Use My Plumbing System?


If there’s anything in your home that probably gets taken for granted, it’s the plumbing system. You rely on it every day: the sinks to give you drinking water, the water heater for hot showers and washing clothes, the kitchen sink to wash dishes, the bathrooms for hygiene, etc. But you don’t really think about the water heater until something goes wrong with it, right?

Fortunately, if something does go wrong with your plumbing system, you needn’t look far for help. We’ll be there ASAP! It’s also important to know that there are steps you can take to prevent plumbing system problems by treating it the right way.

Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

With video pipe inspection during plumbing maintenance, our technicians can inspect your entire pipe system. This allows us to detect blockages, leaks, and corrosion. If we catch anything, we’ll alert you right away so you can get plumbing services on your schedule ASAP and not have to worry about a surprise plumbing emergency.

Maintenance is also important when it comes to your water heater, whether you have a tank system or a tankless water heater. Either way, your water heater can suffer from something called scaling, which is when mineral buildup collects inside the system and coats important components such as the heat exchanger.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Correctly

The garbage disposal is poorly named. You can’t put actual garbage down it. And garbage can include a lot of food byproducts you might not think are problems, like coffee grounds, eggshells, potato skins, meat bones, and fruit pits. While some of these items seem pretty benign, they can get lodged in a kitchen sink drain and create a stubborn backup.

Additionally, things like meat bones and fruit pits can damage the garbage disposal itself, leaving you in need of repairs.

FOG also shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal … or rather, shouldn’t go down the kitchen sink drain. FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease, and it hardens as it cools down. This means that as it travels down your kitchen sink drain, it will build up and cause clogs.

Know the Signs of a Drain Clog or Plumbing Leak

Understanding the signs of either a drain clog or a plumbing leak means you can give us a call as soon as you notice something is amiss and potentially avoid a big plumbing emergency.

You might have a drain clog if… the drains in the home are slow or you smell something odd coming from them. If more than one or two drains are clogged, it could even mean you have a sewer line blockage. Keep in mind, store-bought drain cleaning “solutions” are really no solution at all. They can actually create worse clogs than you started out with.

You might have a plumbing leak if… you hear the sound of running water even though no plumbing fixtures or appliances are on, you see damp spots anywhere they shouldn’t be, or your water bills are higher than they should be when you compare them to this same time last year.

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