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3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Garbage Disposal


A garbage disposal in your kitchen sink can be such a handy thing to have. It streamlines the process of washing the dishes, and can keep food waste from stinking up your trash can and thus your whole kitchen. But what if your garbage disposal is becoming more trouble than it’s worth? Can it be repaired? Or is it time to have your garbage disposal replaced? Here are some key points to help you figure that out.

When to Get Repairs

Some problems may be resolvable with repairs by a qualified technician. For example, if you’re hearing a strange noise from your garbage disposal, shine a flashlight down into it to see if something is caught in the impellers. If you can’t see what’s there, or if you see it but can’t dislodge it safely using something like the handle of a wooden spoon—NOT your hands—a technician can help to remove the obstruction or determine what else was causing the noise. If you have unpleasant smells wafting up from your disposal, pour at least half a cup of baking soda down it, followed by a similar amount of white vinegar, and leave it to sizzle for ten minutes before rinsing. If that doesn’t freshen up the smell, a technician can clean out the inner workings and remove any buildup that is allowing smelly bacteria to grow.

When Repairs Won’t Resolve the Problem

There are certain things that no amount of repair can fully resolve. Here are three signs that it’s replacement, not repair, that will be necessary.

  • 1: Age: With maintenance, and proper care as to what should be put down it and what shouldn’t, a garbage disposal can function well for ten or even fifteen years. If your disposal is reaching the end of its lifetime, and not working as well as it once did, it may not be worth investing in significant repairs. No amount of investment at this point will make it last for 20–30 years.
  • 2: Leaks: Over time, a garbage disposal can develop cracks or begin to leak, or even begin to separate from the sink it’s installed in. This does not tend to happen with newer disposals, so if you’re seeing signs of leaks, your disposal is probably also getting old. Any plumbing leaks should be addressed promptly, because water damage can get extensive very quickly, and can be much harder to repair than a garbage disposal. If you’re seeing water dripping from below the unit, you need garbage disposal replacement in Manassas, VA.
  • 3: Frequent Resets: There is a reset button on the garbage disposal that you may occasionally need to use, for example if your garbage disposal is not turning on. This should be rare, though. If you find that you have to use the reset button often, your garbage disposal is probably reaching the end of its life.

Keeping Your Garbage Disposal in Good Condition

In order to avoid having to replace your garbage disposal early, you should make sure to regularly rinse it out thoroughly and avoid putting certain things down it, like non-food items, things you’d be unable to chew like bones or popcorn kernels, foods that are fibrous and stringy, and grease or fat. You should also be sure to schedule annual garbage disposal maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape and catch any small issues before they become major problems.

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